How can I get pregenet ?

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    sofiawestposted 5 months ago

    How can I get pregenet ?

    It was the hurt break moment when fertility expert gave the test result. The report said there is an infertility issue with myself. I broke down in the tears. I  want to tell anybody that how everything seems to work out and how I came here.
    There was a lot of distraction when I decided to get married. The financial condition my husband was not so good. I was looking for the person who protects me. He failed in his life miserable. As a strong woman, I choose to support me.
    When I got married I decided to avoid the child for the two years. In the two years, the financial conditiotion

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    dashingscorpioposted 5 months ago

    Stop trying!
    Oftentimes when someone simply relaxes and goes about focusing on other things in their life they conceive.
    Having sex with a {mission of conception} can be stressful.
    There are many instances where a couple has a child after they have "given up trying" and chosen to adopt a baby.
    You did the right thing by avoiding bringing a child into a poverty situation. It also sounds as if your marriage was not a happy one. Neither scenario is good for having a child.
    Doing what's in a child's best interest is most important.

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    sofiawestposted 5 months ago

    Hey, Dahin,

    It is difficult to focus on other things and you need to understand the things that matter for you. I have been working and trying diffrent ways to get baby in  my life.