Have a question about a dream I had today.

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    Sierra Griggsposted 4 months ago

    Have a question about a dream I had today.

    I'm sitting in a truck, red. Im buckled up passenger seat, my boyfriend is outside of the truck in front bent down. The car wasn't in park fully it starts rolling backwards. In reaching over with my foot trying to press the break. Hes standing there smiling. Not running after the car just smiling. I go to put the truck back into park and it goes in neutral and rolls fast into a river but there is people in there. Water is rushing everywhere and I can't get my belt off. So I wake up. Could you please explain what this means?

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    ptosisposted 4 months ago


    You've pretty much answered your own question, seriously. Only you  with personal symbols can examine your dream. I suggest going to http://dreammoods.com/

    The more you write about your dreams the more you will get to know your own personal symbols. Nobody else can do it for you.

    Good Luck!