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A question about keywords, about traffic/search engine.

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    Baimezanposted 4 years ago

    So, I would like to ask a bit when it comes to getting my content into search engines, primarily the google search engine. What exactly should I do? I use the Keyword Tool and I make my hub summaries using commonly-searched words from there. I am expecting there is much more to it, and this is my question. How can I get my hub to pop up on the first pages of google search engines?

  2. relache profile image89
    relacheposted 4 years ago

    As you are writing about subject matter which already has an extensive, well-established presence on the web (you seem to be writing mostly about gaming), it's going to be extremely hard to hit the first page of Google for you.  Gaming sites which have millions of followers and get to preview new material ahead of time is what you are competing with for a viewing audience.

    You will need to put in the time to make your Hubs a unique resource, with visual and written material that offers something that would give the reader an "edge" or singularly better experience than all those other gaming sites, and you'd need to establish your "brand" or "voice" as a trusted, superior authority on the topics you are writing about.

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      Baimezanposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks relache,
      It sounds good to me. But isn't there a way to ''abuse'' keywords and such so that I appear in search engines?

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        soulfullyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

        That will do more harm than good these days. Maybe a few years ago you could have mentioned the same keyword in every sentence and it'd show up on page one.

        Today, if you go over a certain keyword density, Google will likely take your hub off the search results altogether.

        Google will see your main keyword in your title and url and think "okay this article is about (put keyword here). Then mention the keyword in your description and first paragraph of your hub and Google will think "okay, okay, now we have definitely established what this hub is about, so we know what keyword to index it for".

        Keep repeating the keyword after that and you'll definitely annoy them. They already know what your hub is about by mentioning the main keyword in four key areas - the title, the url, the description, and the beginning of the article.

        The rest of the content should be written to support the main keyword without mentioning it too often. Use synonyms and related words, instead. Some people add the main keyword to the end of their articles if writing a long hub.

        Check online for a keyword density checker tool. Copy paste your hub into one of those and it'll show you the percentage of each word mentioned. Anything between 1% and 3% is a safe zone for your main keyword.

        As for your gaming niche, it's a bit difficult to find good keywords. You have to do a lot of keyword research and dig down into something popular. Also, it's better to use long tail keywords.

        Example: keyword  "Call of duty black ops" would be very difficult to rank for. However, say it a different way "black ops call of duty" then add something to it such as "multiplayer black ops call of duty review" or "best weapon set up for black ops call of duty", and you'll essentially strip away the competition.

        Those were just an example of using long tail keywords. You still have to check that enough people are searching for the keyword you want to use.

        After writing your hub, check for grammar mistakes, and make sure it's original. Run your hub through Grammarly and check for duplication using an online plagiarism checker. 

        Then go back through your hub and strip it down. Take out unnecessary words and sentences. Keep paragraphs down to about 3-4 sentences. Add pictures, maybe a poll, and a video.

        Do all of that and make it interesting enough that people will read it and think "I need to bookmark this and share it with my friends online" and you have a winner.

        Get a friend or family member to read through it. Ask them to be honest with their opinions. Does it make sense. Is it exciting. Have they learned something new after reading it. Would they feel compelled to share it with others.

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    Chuck Bluesteinposted 4 years ago

    Learn SEO (search engine optimization). I have a $25 big book on it. Look up some articles on SEO on HubPages.