Mental Problem and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

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    maryjohn46posted 7 years ago

    If you are worried about your drinking or a friend's drinking, tell them - they need to make changes as soon as possible. It is much easier to cut back before drinking problems damage your health than it is once they are out of hand.

    First steps: Keep a diary of your drinking - you may be surprised by how much you really do drink, and this can give you the motivation to cut down. It helps if you can talk your plans over with a friend or relative. Do not be ashamed to tell someone. Most real friends will be pleased to help - you may find they have been worried about you for some time.

    Getting help: If you find it hard to change your drinking habits then try talking to your GP or go for advice to a local alcohol organization.

    Changing habits: Realizing and accepting that there is a problem. Getting help, to break their habit. Keep going, once you have begun to make changes.

    Not only do teens that use alcohol often progress to addictive behavior later in life, they are "at a higher risk for developing mental illnesses such as depression, suicide, and psychoticism as adults." Among 12-17 year-olds who were current drinkers, 31 percent exhibited extreme levels of psychological distress and 39 percent exhibited serious behavioral problems.

    â�¢    12-16 year old girls who were current drinkers were four times more likely than their non-drinking peers to suffer depression.

    â�¢    Suicide attempts among heavy-drinking adolescents were three to four times greater than among non-drinkers.

    â�¢    Among 8th grade girls who drink heavily, 37 percent report attempting suicide, whereas 11 percent of girls who do not drink report attempting suicide.

    Now a day's number of alcohol treatments and different approaches to them are available online as well as offline like alcohol detox treatment and alcohol rehab centers to your friend or your loved one from alcohol addiction. Hurry makes them join it before you loose them. Because of various mental problems.

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    Joy56posted 7 years ago

    this is a most helpful thread, since i have seen many friends who drink far too much and only remember the first two.....