How to put on 1 stone in 1 month (Strictly only for weightlifters)

  1. Sunny_S profile image60
    Sunny_Sposted 7 years ago

    Hey all, this is just to announce that i will be writing a hub soon on how to gain serious mass and muscle while in training.
    I have personally done this myself and i had been able to put on 1 and a half stone in 1 month. It may sound unhealthy but if done correctly is healthy for the body.
    Warning! it will only work on people who are below their genetic setpoint. For example, if you take a proper weight test and check your BMI and etc, if the doctor/staff or machine say that you are healthy or fit the healthy category then this workout will not work extremely well.

    Oh i forgot to mention, i did this without spending more than £20 ($27) a month. No supplements, steroids or anything like that. Watch this space.