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Women...Overcome Weight Loss Resistance

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    sd44posted 9 years ago

    Despite your obsession with thinness, somehow your body has not connected to your mind and each Monday as you creep on the scale you become more desperate. Do you look at your body in the mirror and wonder how fat seems to be growing in places its never been? If this sounds familiar, don't despair! I'll share with you some hidden secrets that can help you understand why you may be getting fatter rather than fitter and why fat loss is a greater challenge for women than men!

    Father Time - Beginning in our mid-20s, women lose approximately 7 pounds of muscle mass and gain 15 pounds of fat every decade. (Men lose about 5 pounds of muscle a decade) So, by our mid-40s, we will have lost almost 15 pounds of metabolically active muscle and replaced it with 30 pounds of sluggish fat (if you are not exercising). While the scale tells us that we are only 15 pounds heavier, our metabolism has been dramatically reduced and body composition has changed in unfavorable proportions. The good news is that these changes are, in large part, the result of inactivity and can be reversed with exercise.

    Unfortunately it gets worse for women. After menopause, the rate of muscle loss doubles going from 7 pounds a decade to 14 pounds. By the time a woman is in her 60's she can have as little as 20 - 30 pounds of muscle left so not only is she displeased with her figure, but she is more prone to falls and breaking bones.

    Also with age, the skin begins to lose its elasticity, sag and lose its ability to contain fat giving a rippled appearance often referred to as cellulite. The dimpled effect is caused by the fibers of connective tissue losing elasticity and allowing the fat to seep through like yogurt through cheesecloth. Yuck!

    Muscle is what drives your metabolism. For every pound of muscle on your body you need 35 - 50 calories per day to sustain it. For every pound of fat on your body, you need a modest 2 calories per day. Hint: begin strength training today.

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      guidebabaposted 9 years agoin reply to this

      Looks like good info.

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        thranaxposted 9 years agoin reply to this


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    sandhyapposted 9 years ago


    Good Information Provided.

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    Postive Stepsposted 9 years ago

    This is so true.

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    MyGenieposted 9 years ago

    Weight loss resistance happens to women at any age, some reasons can be meds you may have to take causes the weight loss resistance as well.

    BUT GOOD NEWS! There is a way to lose even if you are one of those that say "I just can't lose weight" there is good news, there is hope, even if you have arthritis and can't move. How do I know? I have been there done that.

    Here are some healthy ways to get the weight loss started, first stop eating all sugar products, breads, potatoes, increase eating fruits especially apples! Increase protein, it takes more energy to burn protein PLUS protein builds muscle mass which in turn burns fat.

    Take a good vitamin, there are B12 tablets available that gives you energy safely!

    There are good meal replacements and shakes that I personally am enjoying.

    I tried and could not lose weight for years, after implementing what I am talking about I was delighted to be able to lose 23 lbs and maintaining that weight loss (which in itself is great, not to regain)

    I did a new hub on healthy weight loss after a report I read that was free from Terry Newsome
    who was my inspiration, I did what he suggested and lost weight plus kept it off in a healthier way, no more 600 calories diets for me!

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    GreatGojiposted 9 years ago

    This information is indeed so true. As they have less muscles, their metabolism and use for energy is less. Still some of the women resort to extreme diets like starving themselves. Indeed, life must be balanced as change is constant. The fact is that we will someday get old. Now I know why some women have osteoporosis. hehe... Great Information!

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    INDRANIposted 9 years ago


    Undeniably it’s very good information. Without question, resistance training will boost your metabolism permanently. This is due to a process of the muscle tissue breaking down and re-building itself stronger, firmer and with more tone. And when these muscle fibers have been rebuilt they are tighter, firmer, more toned and now take more energy to maintain.