The Surprising Link Between Air Pollution & Diabetes

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    Stacie Lposted 7 years ago

    The Surprising Link Between Air Pollution & Diabetes
    Where you live may put you at risk.

    Air pollution is not just bad for your lungs; it may increase your chances of having diabetes. According to a new study by Children’s Hospital in Boston, people who live in areas with the highest levels of pollution have a 20% greater chance of getting adult-onset (Type 2) diabetes.

    “After adjusting for lifestyle factors like weight and education, air pollution remained associated with this type of diabetes,” says study co-author Dr. Allison Goldfine of Harvard’s Joslin Diabetes Center.

    Over 23 million Americans have diabetes, and experts now believe that environmental factors may play a role. Air pollution might cause chronic low-grade inflammation, “and inflammation can make you more susceptible to the disease,” Dr. Goldfine says.

    While more studies are under way, consider this healthy living twofer: “Walk and ride your bike as much as possible,” Dr. Goldfine urges. “You’ll reduce pollution and get the exercise you need to prevent diabetes.” … ;gt1=31010

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      This could be best information that you shared with us here..
      Thanks for the information that you share..
      And i agree with you that in High pollution can really cause you more diseases....
      Thanks for letting us aware with this...

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    very interesting information.