Gulgong Hospital in Central NSW closed and some people are misleading

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    SaveGulgonghosp.posted 7 years ago

    Some people who falsely say they are working for the community are doing nothing but misleading them about the money they gave to try and save our 110 year old hospital at Gulgong NSW. Some people who think they are sending information to this site are being misled, by their children`s photos, taken when they are at their most vulnerable being displayed against their will. If anyone knows of people in the Central West please worn them against this other site called Save Gulgong Hospital which has a person by the name of Paul Caviller running it.

    This site is trying to force the community to accept a MPS, Multi Purpose Service, they are doing this by trying to convince everyone that this is a modern word for Hospital which it is not.
    If anyone has any advise of how to get the message through to everyone, your help will be greatly appreciated, as although it is an open forum, dear Paul has blocked my husband and me from the site claiming I am trying to sink the boat and be destructive because I disagree with the money given for Save Gulgong Hospital not being used for that purpose.

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      WryLiltposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Write a hub about with a title like - Save Gulgong Hospital - The Truth.

      Your hub would easily rank higher than their site.

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    snoweposted 7 years ago

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