How To help a child get over the death of a parrent

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    Christine51posted 7 years ago

    I am writing this because I want someone else know how to help
    a grown child get over the pain of a parrent that has resonly died. Then you will learn how to use the right key words. Now I
    am going tell you about an X hubsand who died Dec 23rd 2010. I live in Florida,along with my oldest child and my new hubsand.
    My youngest lives in New Jersey. That was where his father lived. He was able to go and visit him alot. My X hubsand,became my X because he had a real bad drinking problem.
    He was very abusive both verbaly and physicaly. He took out his rage on my oldest. I started not to care when he came home for dinner,because there would always be a fight. We had the two boys and, I didn't have children with any other hubsand, this is my 3rd marriage. After we devorced he said he stopped drinking. Oh by the way his girl friends name was Chris and thats my name. He went to the Dr.s for a check up and when the
    blood work came back his liver emzines where bad. They did other test and he had phosasis of the liver and from there he was diaganosed with cancer. My oldest has been in AA program so he recieved alot of help from the men in AA. I also go to AA for drugs. You see I have Lupus and it is very painful, but I got carried away. My X keeped getting weaker and weaker,he always asked how I was doing. After all we had two children together.My oldest would go too meetings with me and I had a chanch to talk with him. God has the finnal say. I would call the other one up all the time. I called to wish him a happy birthday,that was the day his father died. Both my boys were born close to Christmas,one the 21st and the other 23rd. When I spoke to them afterwards and like everyone else they say atleast he's in a better place and out of pain. Drinking and drugs are deadly. This year and last I lost a bother and sister to addiction. My sister was found in Jacksonville FL. dead of an overdose and my brother fell on the floor in his hall getting
    to his apartment,with a six pack in his hand he had a stroke,and he was brain dead. As far as their father,they had a beautiful memorial. The funnal home had the family give them pictures and everyone he knew was in the presntation. My son has it on tape and,even though we weren't married I cried when I saw it. You have to stay strong for the children and be there to lean a shoulder. I n ored to get back to how to publish a blog that will be seen you have sentd it to facebook ,google twitter and even real God Bless everyone Christine

    asked how I was doing. After all we had two children together.

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      kschangposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I recommend studying the Kubler-Ross model. i.e. 5 stages of grief

      Identity which stage the child is at, and help him understand the process is normal, and eventually he'll move on to the final phase.