Gaining weight after viral fever

  1. parveenicai profile image57
    parveenicaiposted 6 years ago

    This topic may seem to you a different but i really want to debate on this, just from recovering from viral fever, i losed 10kg weights and my every part of body lost the real look and shape, i am wondering that women want to lose their weight these days and want to look zero size and skinny, but as from current situation i am going is really strange and sad for me, yeah i do not feel good to look  thick and skinny, as i want my old avatar of  boy with some thin  flesh and round and charming cheeks , my face has become dull, friends and most oftenly my relatives are cursing and making fun of me, i went to some good specialists as they recommend me some unknown drugs and proteins, i have no faith on the drugs as i like to do things natrually, i can compromise my health, so i am trying to find some ways via suggestion of friends, my real priorties are natural and easily available food, i am not a hardcore non vegeterian but i can tolerate chicken and goat meet, what you say friends?