Mourning another loss

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    stephanosisposted 6 years ago

    It's been a little over a year since 2000+ people cried over a very loved friend. Yesterday gave another 2000+ people to mourn again. A car accident claimed the life of an 18 year old, not just an 18 year old but one who was loved by so many. I wasnt best friends with him nor did I talk to him alot but I went to school with him, he graduated a year after me. It doesn't matter how well you know someone the pain and sorrow are about the same as of I new him well. The hardest part of going though a death of this kind is how it takes a toll on so many of my friends, I watch them drown in there own tears and I try to comfort them but there are no words I can say to make then feel an inch better. The past 12 hours have consisted of dry skin from so many tears rolling down down my face, alot of shared hugs and kisses and plenty of un answered questions that we may never get answered or that we may never find comfort in. It's sad that so many don't get to experience life to its fullest, life is a precious gift that can be taken at any moment. We're meant to make the best of ever second of every day no matter what the circumstances are. So I think even though we're mourning over the lost of a friend, a fellow classmate or just a stranger we passed in the hall I think he would want us to continue living and loving and sharing stories of his life and how he loved everyone in it. I think he would want us to smile even if there are tears running down our faces as we do it, I think that's what he would want. It's hard to know how your suppose to feel in a situation like this, you see people who new him so well crying and it seems bizarre to be crying over someone I've barely met, but it seems like it comes naturally to grieve.. I hope he's looking down from our rainy sky's and knows how much he will be missed everyday by thousands of people, some who knew him well, some that saw him around like myself and others who never got the chance to meet him. So wherever you are I hope your doing okay and I hope you know it's okay to smile. You will always be in  our hearts even though your miles away. We love you and wish you were here with us