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Lemon Diet, Healthy?

  1. nyanyicute profile image59
    nyanyicuteposted 6 years ago

    This diet program aimed at detoxification or cleansing the body of toxins buildup.

    One popular detox diets do is Lemonade Diet or diet lemon. Diet is often called the master Cleanse diet is considered the most effective cleanse toxins from our body.

    You only need to consume lemon juice for 10 days. After doing this detox diet, the body feels fresh and light.

    This diet is also done by many well-known Hollywood actress. Sexy actress Beyonce Konwles any one who likes a diet of lemon to keep their fitness.

    But many who then mistakenly interpret this diet as one way to lose weight. Indeed, after doing this lemon diet usually makes the body more fit and lose weight. But the main core of this diet is to remove toxins.

    Here are questions and answers with Joy Bauer, nutritionist and author of the book Joy's LIFE Diet is right about the lemon diet.

    Actually, this lemon diet what does it do?
    This diet is actually a detox diet to cleanse toxins in the body. Detox sometimes incorrectly interpreted as a diet to burn fat in the body. When in fact that is cleansed of toxins which if left unchecked will disrupt the body's metabolism. So the body organs such as liver, stomach, kidney, and so re-clean and can be run tugasanya well. So this diet is not to cut weight.

    Why is this lemon diet is so popular?
    Because many people have already proved this diet can be an effective detoxification diet and lose weight.

    Means the lemon diet is good for weight loss?
    No. Actually not as many people think. This diet is not actually lose weight in a flash. But precisely for this diet requires eating lots of high protein nutrition. But it's with this diet, people become better maintain food intake and stop eating junk food. So actually weight loss occurs because the improvement happens when dieting diet.

    How do I run this diet properly?
    To begin, first you must reduce your intake of unhealthy foods. Avoid highly processed foods such as processed meats, canned foods, and so on. Because these foods contain lots of additives.

    Reduce consumption also sugar, salt, and alcohol in the diet. Eat healthy foods especially fruits and vegetables and drink water.

    Dietary intake of 6-12 glasses of lemon suggested lemon juice a day. Twelve glasses of lemon juice contains 1300 calories. But during the lemon diet, you still need to consume a source of protein, minerals and other nutrients.

    You who have ulcer disease should not run this diet. Consult with your doctor before doing so.

    1. Dear Josie profile image59
      Dear Josieposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      No lemon! My Father and sister are Dentists; lemon takes the enamel off your teeth. Horrible!
      5 easy steps to lose weight:
      No sugar
      No bread
      No soft drinks
      No Fried
      Walk every day!
      Easy steps and I promise, you will lose weight. I weigh 92lbs and holding...

  2. skyfire profile image73
    skyfireposted 6 years ago

    6-12 glasses ? Is this a joke or something ? There is a word in dictionary "constipation".

    1. Dear Josie profile image59
      Dear Josieposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      Yes! Water, Water, and Water!

  3. 2uesday profile image81
    2uesdayposted 6 years ago

    The diet suggested is damaging firstly your tooth enamel will suffer from the acid in the lemon juice, after ten days of this your body will probably feel 'fresh and light' as you faint. Anyone thinking about following such radical diets should speak to a doctor or pharmacist first.

  4. Jester98 profile image71
    Jester98posted 6 years ago

    I have read about all of this stuff, but to be honest if you can stick to a clean diet with fruits, meats, and veggies your body will detox itself. Just stay away from anything processed. If its on the shelf and can stay there for days then pass. Also make sure your meats are from organic fed animals. All lemons will do is give you a funny sour smile lol

  5. Peter Hoggan profile image72
    Peter Hogganposted 6 years ago

    The diet industry is the only industry that bases its future success and continued growth on its complete failure to have delivered anything that worked in the past.

  6. mega1 profile image78
    mega1posted 6 years ago

    once again, I have to agree with whoever it was who suggested that in order to cleanse the body and begin a reducing diet you should just eat vegetables and brown rice (and water) and nothing else for a week - you can take vitamins if you think you would need them.  Everything I've read indicates this is a good way to start getting really healthy. This is like a macrobiotic diet and very effective.  You cleanse your colon and all your digestive system without stressing it.  You eliminate sugars and refined grains and meats.  Then after that week you add chicken and fish and nuts and some fruits and if you can, just stay with that.  No coffee or tea, no alcohol, of course.  This is the diet I am planning to start on January 2 -  I hope I'll not cave in to sugar, my biggest downfall.  It seems reasonable and healthy to me and with no stress to my body I should feel really good.  Will try to keep you informed.