Road To Good health

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    lind2012posted 6 years ago

    Road To good health!   Develope a good out look And positive attitude In life! every one has a purpose , Gifts And Some Kinda Goal.  Even If your  A serious person, It Is healthy To have a Goog laugh often.. Good Story, Joke  or comment!  It Is not easy in today,s world. Neg Thoughs and Complaints On a daily basis can make one really sick. Following A Diet that is right For you. walking, Biking, Damcing are the top Main Exersice  Ideas. Do not sit more than  2 hrs At a time with out  stretching and walking around out side if nice or at home.  Knowing Your opwn Body Well enogh To reconize A warning sign, that some thing is wrong.  get medical attention asap!  it is allways good to research your health concern.  meditation is another way of relaing your mind and good thoughts. worry gets you know place. there are different stress levels. do not let it get too high. too much noise back ground is not heathy. every one needs time out to chill by them selves to clear their minds.  think  of others and their needs. it gets your mind off your own situation. we all have issues in life.  stay far away from drugs, alcahol  and neg people as ya can.  not meaning you cant talk your problems out to a good listner . just do not dwell on the past , but work  towards better  days ahead. f good healthy eating is impotant, but not 100% the answer. we are breathing poor air quilty today.  many of us are not getting good clean fresh air. during the winter months we are closed in. summer air units are running. leaving  us without the old fashion way, of opening up our windows. unless your living  way out in the country some place. I have found Vitimin  C  Helps keep your  immune system up! Most of us are not getting enogh A and D. some other vitamins.  your body does not absob   the foods and vitamins way they should with poor air quality. when we exersise, and get enough sleep. it helps the body to heal faster. taking prescriped dugs with side effects breaks down the emzimes in your system. leaving you with very low resistance to  cols and other problems.  blood imballances and a bad spine contriutes to over half  of the medical problems.. Taling about physical sickness..  Foods. every one  needs 2 to 3 servings of fruits and veg daily. enough liquids for digestion.. water. other liquids to hekp ya from being overy dhterated. summer is vital for water.  you can put lemon or lime in the water, if you do not like it plain.. lots of herbs and spices for allergies, aids in breathing. never crash diet if your limited on those heay weight gain foods. you will be under weight and this is dangerous. stay away fron  most store bought cookies and cake mixes. other high in sugar foods. do not go to extremes, your body meeds a little salt and sugar. can and will drop if your sick with any cold or virios.  to every one out there. seen too many people getting on public traspotation caughing and really sick. your soreading them to others. if you do not have to be out there . stay at home , till your clearned.  music. for releasing a lot of stress, listen to soft flowing music  its called the most imageable relaxing music.  it is on u tube! recommeded for everyone. hope you have enjoyed reading my  Health A rticle. hope it was help full..