Yoga and Meditation – How to Find a Meditation Teacher?

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    johnscott00posted 5 years ago
    There are many yoga and meditation teachers in the world, good ones and bad ones. Who is who?

    It depends what you expect from your meditation. First choose the kind of meditation you want, then find a teacher that fits you.

    If you meditate because you want to relax, then staring in the flame of a candle will do, as will listening to new Age music, or doing basic yoga exercises. You’ll find many teachers who can help you with this.

    Most yoga students begin their journey toward health by taking “Yoga Classes,” which usually means classes doing the physical practice of Yoga, called asana (yoga poses). Did you know that Yoga, which means “union” in Sanskrit, is actually a much vaster set of tools for health and healing? The physical exercise is just one aspect of this amazing science and art. Meditation is another aspect of yoga with an additional set of tools that can help create an essential practice for living a healthy and whole life.

    So, just what is meditation, and how do you know you are finding a quality meditation program?

    * Meditation is not about following a guru who gives you all of the answers. Instead, it should be about learning to follow your own heart, your own inner wisdom and truth.
    * Meditation is not a religion. Instead it should allow you to more fully embody your own chosen faith, and discover for yourself the integral truths revealed by a true spiritual teacher.
    * Meditation is not about drifting off into space. Instead it should offer specific tools to focus your mind, and help direct you on your own private journey toward truth.