Spiritual Enlightenment – Understanding Consciousness?

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    johnscott00posted 6 years ago

    Enlightenment meditation is the way that connects our heart, mind and intellect allowing us to align our understanding with the Cosmic and Universal Force which pushes our lives and our world towards perfection. It is the source of harmony between the opposing natural laws that causes all of life to progress, in spite of the appearances of the surface. Your responsibility is not to work against Cosmic Intelligence, consciously or unconsciously. But to do whatever it takes to step forward and unite with one voice of understanding and praise for the Source of all that is.

    You have probably already heard all of the Spiritual Enlightenment sayings like “Consciousness is all there is,” And “Advaita means – not two.”

    And although all of these things are true, the words themselves filed away as knowledge, don’t get you any closer to Spiritual Enlightenment.

    So in this article, I am not only going to help you understand consciousness, I am going to give you the direct experience of consciousness, so that by the end of this article you will be able to experience a state of nondual consciousness which can lead to Spiritual Enlightenment.