How Meditation Will Help You in Learning the Path to Enlightenment and

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    johnscott00posted 6 years ago

    One simple meditation practice that can pave the way to spiritual enlightenment is breathing meditation. When practicing this type of meditation, you find a comfortable position (preferably sitting cross legged with your back straight), and turn your attention to the rhythm of your breathing. It is important not to attempt to alter your breathing rhythm just notice it, and allow it to lull you into a deep meditative state.

    How Meditation Will Help You in Learning the Path to Enlightenment and Ascension?
    The world is made up simply of energy. That is right … what causes the beats in our heart, what makes our minds work, what gives us those feelings is simply energy. Buddha talks about enlightenment and Buddhist Monks will spend this and the next life time learning how to become enlightened or more importantly how to ascend our spiritual body into the next.
    So, what is death?

    I have seen many people die around me, both family and friends. I watched the transition of my own grandfather from being a strong fit man to one that literally withered before my eyes. Yet within the pain comes a reality that as we become closer to death we also have the chance to make the transition from this form to another. Whether it is a form that lives within us or one that occurs on the moment we die, none of us know till the day it happens.

    You know the really cool part about all of this. All of the critics no matter who they are and what they think they know can say with 100% certainty as to what happens not just when we die but when we meet the point of enlightenment and ascension.

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      Well what happens if we miss the chance of transition? where do we go if we fail to get to the enlightend place?