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How to Clear Blackheads on Nose

Updated on May 4, 2011

How to Clear Blackheads on the Nose

If you’re desperate to learn how to clear blackheads on the nose, I believe that this hub will provide some good insight and options into how to do it. For anyone who may not be fully familiar with what blackheads are, they’re basically a build-up of oil and dead skin cells in the pores of the skin that simply gets clogged and turns a dark color (hence the name) when it comes into contact with the air. Blackheads are generally smaller in circumference than the average pimple, and actually are not as visible, but yet when viewed from a closer distance can look like small flakes of pepper on the skin. I have dealt with blackheads many times before, and what has always amazed me is—and I hope I don’t gross you out—how you can squeeze them, and it seems like they’re the “bottomless zit”; you can squeeze and squeeze, and the oil just keeps coming out, sometimes looking like “silly string” by the time it’s all said and done. Over-production of oil in the skin—and mainly in the “T-zone areas” of above the eyebrows, between the eyes, and on the nose (the most common places that blackheads appear)—is the primary cause for the emergence of blackheads. Many people, however, have also dealt with blackheads appearing on the chin or cheeks—I know I have as well, but since this hub is about blackheads on the nose, we’ll leave the other blackhead “hot spots” for another hub.

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How to Clear Blackheads on the Nose

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

How to Clear Blackheads on the Nose


As far as actually dealing with getting rid of blackheads on the nose, there are a few options available, and some of the ones I will discuss in this hub border on the fringe of “home remedy” type of solutions, but they have been used with decent success by many people. I will say that no one solution offered has a 100% guarantee that it will work, but I just wanted to hopefully bring some ideas to the table that can possibly be of use to you. One of the main ways to get rid of blackheads is by the use of a blackhead extractor—it’s a small steel (or metal of some kind) instrument that has a spoon-like round end with a small hole in the “scoop” part of the spoon. The idea behind the instrument is that if you put pressure on the immediate surrounding areas of the blackhead, the oil has no place to go but out. This is, in effect, the same as simply squeezing the blackheads, but without the lack of “targeted accuracy”, so to speak. A good way to extract the blackheads by using the extractor is by making sure that you have softened the affected area first through either applying a warm moist towel on the area first, or through boiling some water and sticking your face over the boiling water to “steam” your face (WARNING: Do NOT get too close to the steam!!! Keep a safe distance from it!) Steam opens the pores, which can help to set the stage for easier extraction of the blackheads. Another possible remedy is the use of pore strips, which are basically the “bikini wax” of blackhead remedies. In other words, you apply the strip to your face and then basically tear it off, hopefully bringing some of the blackheads with it. Some people don’t recommend this because of the potential tearing damage it can do to your skin, but with a non-cavalier use of the pore strip, it might be worth a try. Another possible remedy is the use of salicylic acid applied directly to the affected area with either a cotton ball or some balled-up tissue. Although this can work for some skin types, other people with more sensitive skin will need to try this solution in a limited manner at first before going “whole hog”, as they say. The previous remedies are some of the main methods use to clear blackheads on the nose; hopefully one of the possible remedies mentioned will be of a good use to you!


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      8 years ago from Huntsville

      did not know how they were formed, learn somthing everyday


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