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Teenage Acne Remedies

Updated on July 22, 2010

Teenage Acne Remedies


One reason why I wish the Internet would have been accessible when I was in my teen years is because it would have enabled me to look up some teenage acne remedies easily and anonymously. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that, so I had to go to bookstores and the like to get any kind of answers I could (including my sister’s Cosmo magazines—which, by the way, had other topics with pictures that really interested me as a teenage boy). Now that I’m all grown up, I can still remember the pain and embarrassment that I went through in high school having a face that was “all zitted out”. I tried tons of different products including Noxzema, the St.Ives face washes (including the one with the rough gritty facial scrub), products with salicylic acid, and practically every other product with benzoyl peroxide or other face-cleaning ingredients, mostly with limited success. Many times the products would simply just dry my face out, to the point that I had small flakes of skin constantly falling off my face any time I would scratch an itch on my cheek or whatever. Other times the different products would leave my skin feeling so raw and burned that it hurt even to splash warm water on my face. I felt like I was at a total loss for answers, and my parents really didn’t know what to tell me either, since it was too expensive to take me to a dermatologist. So, I had to turn to some other ideas and books for nature-based remedies for teenage acne.

Teenage Acne Remedies

Photo courtesy of Google Images
Photo courtesy of Google Images

Teenage Acne Remedies


The potential causes of teenage acne are just as numerous and varied as the teenagers themselves. Sometimes it can be the fact that the average teenager’s hormones are basically doing gymnastics all the time, so this can affect the skin adversely. Other potential causes include stress (which, surprisingly, a whole lot of teenagers have a whole lot of), poor or incorrect diet, poor hygiene, and even some hereditary issues can come into play. But whatever the specific cause of the acne may be, suffice it to say that it can be emotionally and socially devastating for a teenager to suffer with the condition, seeing as how the effects of it are so “public”. Another important point to emphasize is that since there are a myriad of different causes and/or “triggers” that can aggravate or bring on acne, you cannot apply a “one-cure-fits-all” type of scenario to it. Every teenager’s body type, skin composition and pH balance are going to be different. For this reason, I would like to focus on the more general teenage acne remedies that I believe can be beneficial across a wide variety of skin and body types. The first thing I would say to do—and it’s the first thing I changed to help get rid of my acne—is to start drinking water like you’ve never drank it before. I’m talking a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, preferably more if you can swing it. Water keeps the cells healthy, which in turn will keep your skin healthy. Dehydration is a significant cause of acne, because what happens when the body is dehydrated is that it will begin to pull fluids from other areas such as the liver and so forth to keep the body hydrated, and these fluids are oftentimes polluted. Those toxins can many times affect the skin and show up in the form of acne. Water keep the skin clear, period. Real skin health will start from the inside, not the outside. I would also, in tandem with the water recommendation, suggest limiting or cutting off entirely all carbonated drinks. The sugar in carbonated drinks dehydrates the body as well, causing the same effect as mentioned earlier. Just those two tips alone did wonders for my skin. I would also recommend abstaining from fried foods or any type of food with heavy oils in it, such as chocolate. If you eat pizza, fried chicken, and chocolate brownies all day, you can’t wonder why your skin is a mess. Again, real skin health always starts from the inside out. I just realized that my hub is WAY too long, so I will end it here, but I will more than likely not only cover teenage acne remedies again in some form or fashion, but I would like to do many more hubs on acne and skin care in general, since I want to provide helpful information that can hopefully keep someone from struggling for years with acne like I did as a teenager into my early adult life. Cheers to all of you.


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    • profile image

      Camille b 

      5 years ago

      I bought Citrus Clear for my 13 year old who was starting to get pimples around his nose and mouth. The next morning after the first use we could tell a difference. Less pimples and the ones that he did still have were smaller and less red-and this happened overnight. So far this system is working great!

      Do not use the Tangerine Tingle though - it irritated his face, but the Citrus Clear face wash did work!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I have moderate acne-- salicylic acne treatments, 2%, egg white face masks (look em up!) And tea tree oil have helped. Good luck guys! :))


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      im a 18 yrs old boy, who has lots and lots of pimples on face.i used almost all the products on my face but not even one worked. I was very much depressed with my face, and i was too tired of my pimples and my friend said me to use honey on my face and i did so, and after a week i felt something has changed in my face(my pimples had gone). And dont feel that you are the only one having pimples there are thousands and thousands of people who have pimples.


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