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Overcoming Your Unhealthy Junk Food Cravings

Updated on May 22, 2014

Why fight junk food cravings?

Eating junk food is one of the greatest joys in life. Having junk food once in a while is fine but having too much is bad for the health. Experts in the field of nutrition are in unison that junk foods are not necessarily beneficial to the health of the human body. It must be noted that most junk foods are sustained by so many preservatives and that these chemicals are destructive to the human body.

In order to keep the body healthy, one must eliminate the craving for junk foods. Luckily, there are a great number of ways to defeat those cravings. Below are some ways on how to overcome junk food cravings:

The Cost of Unhealthy Eating

How to overcome junk food cravings?

Avoid Your Cravings for a Period of Time

Researchers found out that people crave what they usually eat and switching to a different variety of meals may overcome the old cravings and strengthen the desire for the new ones.

Since junk food is unhealthy, switching to a healthier diet is very advantageous because it may lead to craving for the said healthy diet. The old cravings probably won’t go away completely. But the longer the person avoids the old addiction, the less likely that the person will have cravings for it.


Nutritionists say that healthy living comes with a healthy diet and adequate exercise. Exercising makes a person crave for healthy foods.

Be Stress Free

Stress plays a big role in triggering one’s cravings. Dealing with it can be challenging but relieving stress can keep a person from eating too much. Meditation, yoga, listening to or playing, music or just having a conversation with friends can relieve stress.

Resist Temptation

If the food that a person craves is just around the house, the more likely that the person’s cravings will go stronger. It is easier to resist the food that is not inside the dwelling than the food that is within one’s reach.


According to Dr. Michael F. Roizen, drinking water and eating an ounce of peanuts can get rid of a person’s craving by changing one’s body chemistry.

Get Distracted

Cravings usually sneak up when a person is bored or has simply nothing to do. Watching TV, listening to music or taking a hike can keep one’s mind off those yearnings.

Freshen Up

Brushing your teeth, gargling with mouthwash, cleansing your mouth makes the you want to avoid messing it up.


When a person is worn-out, cravings sometimes sneak up. Take a power nap and re-energize. That will give one a lot of good.

Have a “cheat day”

It’s alright to indulge in junk food once in a while but it should be within limits. Maybe just have a cone of ice cream once a week is sufficient. Avoid buying a big pack of junk food because people tend to reach for more even if they have had more than enough.

Have a Plan

Planning for what to eat in every meal and crossing out unhealthy food on the menu will help a person to avoid and stop craving for junk foods.

Avoiding junk food has great benefits. One’s body feels and looks better inside and out. Essential nutrients are met, the digestive system functions well and one’s general well-being is always high. This also helps the person’s mind to keep away from stress and be able to solve problems more precisely.

Eating healthy on a regular basis is the best technique on how to avoid junk food cravings. By always eating healthy, the body gets used to healthy food and rejects junk food. But there’s nothing wrong with having junk foods once in a while. If a person can discipline his or herself, there’s no doubt that he/she will develop healthy eating habits and have a better outlook in life.


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