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A Morning of Mindfulness Awakening

Updated on August 30, 2019
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Tim Mitchell is an avid learner adventuring into many interests. He enjoys sharing those experiences and discovered knowledge.

Early Sunrise


Awakening with Mindfulness and the Senses

A moment arrives. Eyes awaken to darkness while light offers guidance. A point of reference is sought for where one is at while one realizes like the flash of a camera one is simply here. Moments pass. Soon a thought arrives prompting one to jump or cause one to simply allow the moment to arrive simmering like savory soup on the back burner of the stove. Maybe that thought brings pure motivation as a clock is spied with a glance that the day has arrived and there is a plan. Go – Go – Go shouts loudly as if led by San Diego Charger Cheerleaders, the Oakland Raiderettes, or maybe those Cowgirls from Dallas. No matter. One jumps as quick as Jack jumping over the candlestick marching forward toward the beginning of the day greeted by the rising sun with its outstretched welcoming arms. The Break of Dawn has arrived.

Possibly one realizes the day belongs to the day. There is not any iota of a plan. Only time. Time allowing something to transition, become apparent, and quite possibly offer inspiration. Inspiration to creatively offer cause for something different, prompt changing a condition, or seek sharing with others a truth so hidden . . . well . . . one does not know that truth their self. Simply one enters the day without expectations. Seeking discovery of newness with the hope of exploration leading toward a new beginning offering hope of something of difference, anything, of which is not the same one only peers forward without expectation.



For this author that is today. Revelation seems to share today is being led by mysterious and mystical forces of energy, although the power is of the cosmos, the unexplainable, or the precepts of a favorite quote being “I dun’no . . .” Today, simply began as usual near the midnight hour. Yes, a person of night more than day while friends with the space between. A product of allowing circadian rhythms privilege of determining health and wellness naturally rather than interjected by knowns of others or something else. With the precept of liberty most assuredly of ‘self’. No alarm clock, which some feel obtrusive and others a welcomed friend, allowing spontaneity to guide one along a pathway of discovery. By choice ‘today’ has been offered its turn to lead with unspecified precision, unexpected twists and turns, and with hopeful delights. Delights of enchantments, revelations minced with fairy-tales, and the giddiness of mindfulness practiced and learned.

Even though many as well as self have a planned life full of expectations seeking achievements, of which a time with vacation at times seems as such, a day of spontaneity led by moments of ‘now’ contrast moments planned quite possibly may offer difference. Some say difference is the measurement of chaos. One may ponder a day of spontaneity being a day of experiencing chaos, although that chaos lay not with chaotic, but with a greater order. Pause may offer reflection upon energy and entropy. As energy can be not destroyed nor created while entropy thought only to change with an interaction one may ponder one’s environment, especially that day of spontaneity one considers self as beginning as one and only one. One’s eyes are opened as shared earlier to darkness followed by a glimpse of light offering a reference while that light may simply be noise. Therein is a beginning.

Point of Reference


Enlightenment, Hopes, and Love

For some with attachments being of another or possibly something mechanical that point of reference may in fact be the welcomed scent of coffee perking within a flavorful brew. Ahhhhh . . . such an alarm clock one may have. Yes, a point of reference leading one from darkness to light, though of scent. Being a day of spontaneity, no deadlines, and no anticipations that moment of now becomes enlivened full of hope since one is welcomed. A hint of being loved is offered filling one full. One becomes enlightened with hopes and Love. Spontaneity through mindfulness offers guidance with light led by enlightenment, a sound presenting opportunity knowing where one lies from whence sleep has escaped, and quite possibly a welcoming scent sharing a sense of newness. One may ponder next taste. Taste for the moment of now experienced spontaneously with mindfulness.

Quite possibly without an alarm of any kind other than the opening of one’s eyes, the presence of sound be that a mouse in the wall or the shuffling of a blanket, and while could be the warmth of a welcomed scent prepared by another or offered by today’s technology the pallet recognizes one tongue. Humorously at times that taste strange as it is, actually, is very natural, yet a product of long before minced with time. Some may say in fact it stewed becoming without oddity foul desiring change. Change sought, yet within that moment of now one may realize it simply is the way it is. We discover a light leading, a sound sharing more than, a scent offering a hint of Love, and a taste desiring change.


This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license
This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license | Source

Blessings or Good Fortune

We have with this day of spontaneity through mindfulness seeking discovery of awakening realized there may in fact be blessings or of least good fortune arriving to us from a night’s sleep now escaped to be with the past. Alas, we seek more touching the day to be surprised with feelings. We feel each of those earlier experiences with a simple touch while noticing one has been touched by the day itself. The day shared with one by welcoming us to a moment of now experienced with spontaneity without expectation while openly shared experiencing a moment of moments through each of our senses.

Alas, one realizes one has experienced a moment of chaos within an order greater than oneself while becomes blessed or of least receiving good fortune one is in fact alive. Observance offers each explorer of discovery, even though all of those five senses may not be of blessing, that they seem to add becoming another. A sense one may never be able to explain to another much less one ‘self’. There just seems to be something much more than simply being and without oddity is sensed presenting another . . . sense. Be that a sixth for some or a fifth and quite possibly less for others that sense just seems to make sense. Realization arrives through experiencing mindfully that moment leading more moments upon waking from night’s slumber that . . .

More about Mindfulness with Dr. John Kabat-Zinn

You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are
You Are Perfect Just the Way You Are
'You're a snowflake unlike any other, so unique in one way or another.' These lines convey the essence of what the author wants to tell young readers. The rhyme, the whimsy, the colors, the illustrations and the rhythms make it a charming story book. The pictures complement the words beautifully and add to the effect of the concept.

Thank You for Reading a tsmog Article

Though of a personal journey seeking discovery it is with hope some value and worth is discovered by you the reader. I Thank You for the moment of moments offered reading this short sharing of discovering awakening on a day offered to self without expectations. Do have a most wonderful day leading forward to a great Life.

© 2015 Tim Mitchell


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