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Natural Family Planning Method

Updated on January 31, 2014

Calculating Your Safe or Infertile Period

No need of some sort of painful and ambiguous insertion of the copper T IUCD into the cervix, no need to puncture your buttocks again for some queried injections like depo provera, no need of pills that takes peace away from you as a result of its weighty side effects. All you need is to use your sense, just make use of your thinking faculty as a rational homo sapiens. Is it not for you to avoid pregnancy just for that period of pleasure? Then all you need do is to calculate your safe period as a woman.

You don’t need to trouble yourselves with ambiguous formulas or run about to get some health calculator, in fact you don’t need to get an expect or see a doctor or read some ambiguous medical or health related jargons. It is what you can calculate in the next few seconds. Study meticulously the procedure or method below:

Step By Step Method Of Calculating Your Safe Period

1. You must know the duration of your menstrual cycle. I am sure this should not be a problem for you. Alright, no problem; using a correct calendar, just record the first day of your last menstrual bleeding (this duration is called the menstrual cycle) stuffs right?

It however varies from one person to the other but the normal range i.e. in the absence of any pelvic pathology (don’t get confused it means diseased condition) is between 26-31days.

2. Understand that ovulation, i.e. release of ova (egg) from the ovaries to the fallopian tube for fertilization occurs in the middle of the cycle. Now before we talk about the safe period, we must first calculate and establish the unsafe period. Are you happy with this?

3. Now simple mathematics: a week (7days) before and a week after the approximate day of ovulation is considered as the fertile (unsafe period) sexual intercourse during this period may result to pregnancy. Any other days apart from this are infertile (safe) you can have sexual intercourse with your spouse during this periods without fear of pregnancy. Simple as A B C., to Z. isn’t it?

4. Oh you still don’t get it! Alright now, pure mathematics: (i) subtract 18 days from the shorter cycle which gives you the first day of the fertile (unsafe) period. (ii) Subtract 10 from the longest cycle which gives which gives you the last day of the fertile (unsafe) period. Don’t you understand!? That we have just calculated the unsafe period then any day apart from this or your result is safe for any sexual intercourse.

Note This

It should be noted that no family planning method is as accurate as abstinence, so there could be exceptions, you should also know that this method does not hinder you from contacting STDs, i.e. sexually transmitted disease and it is not an 100% way of preventing pregnancy. the reason is, the physiological operation of females body system differs from one individual to the other. Enjoy yourselves or ask questions.


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