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The Origin of the Problem of All Humanity

Updated on February 9, 2014


God actually created man to be a spiritual being and not a carnal or physical being. That was why the only thing HE allowed on the inside of man when he created him was His breath of life which is the Spirit of God (Holy Ghost). He made every other thing external, it was when man changed this order with the help of the devil, substituting the internal for external. This is the origin of man’s problem. For tell me how rational it is to place the cart before the horse.

The origin was when the external came to replace and affect the internal. Interaction with the things in the world became internal which was a reverse of what the lord has placed in man. Things like pleasure, satisfaction, and sensualities e.t.c. 1John3:15 says” love not the world, neither the things that is in the world. Whosoever loves the world, the love of the father is not in him. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life is not of the father but of the world. The world passes away and the lust thereof whosoever doeth the will of the father abides forever”. Man has allowed corruption into their inward being and has scared God far away from Him, claiming to be free moral and able to do things for himself.

Bread is not man's source of life!

God never planned bread to be the very source of life or living for man but His word. As he declared in His word and as Christ declared to the defeat of Satan “man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceed out of the mouth of God”. When Christ who is the very WORD of God declared in the Holy Scriptures “I am the bread of life, for whosoever eats me has eternal life and I shall raise him up in the last day”.

the devil's strategy

The devil knew that the best way to overcome man and take him far away from the good plans of God was to change the divine order of God in man: then man began to lust after external things which he ought to exercise authority and power over, the lust for worldly things, that is, worldly desires, lust after women, riches and position in the heart, then the pride of life.

the correct order

Until every other thing in man’s life becomes internal and the Spirit of God takes His rightful place in man heart, only then can he amount to the very purpose of God for his life. My brother, my sister, the fact that you are reading this hub today is not ordinary; God has brought you to this site for a purpose. It doesn’t matter the religion you are practicing, the fact is Jesus is the only way. Let any one fake any other ways it only leads o perdition. Know this that every other way that is not pointing to Jesus is doing the same job that the devil did in the days of Adam and Eve. The devil was pointing them to something else, another remedy, and another way out. My heart bleeds as I write this article praying that the lord will open the eyes of your understanding to realize that even though you are enjoying the pleasure of the world today you are still in bondage if your life is void of Christ, if you are not born again. May I let you know that the price of your redemption has been paid 2000 years ago by this same Jesus who died on the cross and resurrected. Please confess your sins now and ask him to com into your life and reorder thinks bringing it back to normal. God bless you.

For any question; you can contact the apostolic desk of the cyrus library on : or 07033301600


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