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Various Homeopathic Tinnitus Remedies

Updated on September 11, 2013

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Tinnitus is a bothersome constant ringing or buzzing in ones ear that does not go away, and it affects many people. It is mostly caused by nerve damage inside the ear, possibly from long exposure to loud noises such as industrial machinery, airplanes, or even music played through headphones.

It can also be related to age or other health conditions. Sufferers find this condition to be annoying, but some even experience pain and dizziness. In the past, there has been little help for sufferers, but now there are various tinnitus remedies available.

Prevention is best to avoid even needing tinnitus remedies, so one should wear ear protection when in loud areas, especially if exposure will be prolonged. There are many kinds of ear plugs and insulated ear phones available for this purpose.

Turning the volume down when using an mp3 player or stereo equipment could also help prevent tinnitus. If it is already too late to prevent this condition, however, there are ways to find relief. There are homeopathic treatments, vitamin and herbal supplements, and natural home remedies one can try.

Homeopathy and acupuncture are alternative treatment methods that have grown in popularity over the years in the United States. The right homeopathic treatment depends on specific symptoms, so there is no one single ingredient for every case. An expert will create a treatment based on the individual's symptoms. 

Acupuncture is a Chinese healing practice in which thin needles are inserted into various pressure points of the body to relieve pain or other discomforts. While homeopathy and acupuncture are known to be successful treatments, not everyone has access to them. It may be more practical for some individuals to try supplements that can be found in grocery and drug stores.

Vitamin supplements are quite plentiful and easy to find. Some common ones recommended for tinnitus are ginkgo biloba, zinc, and garlic.  Ginkgo biloba is an herb that is supposed to help with circulation, and hundreds of studies suggest it is an effective treatment for memory problems, dizziness, and headaches, as well as tinnitus. It does have anti-coagulative properties that should not be used by people already taking blood thinners.

Zinc is an important mineral and antioxidant that people often take for fighting off respiratory infections. Some studies have shown that a zinc deficiency can cause tinnitus. Zinc is found in lozenges marketed for colds and flu in drug aisles, so it is very easy to obtain. People often take deodorized garlic supplements to lower cholesterol in the blood that can block arteries. This blockage can affect the cochlear artery, which is connected to the ear. That is why garlic is also suggested for tinnitus.  

Home remedies are always worth a try since they are usually cheap and safe. Some people suggest eating foods with fresh garlic. This could be an alternative for those who do not like to take supplements. Natural foods that fight inflammation can also help. Some common foods for this are pineapple, kelp, and any green, orange, or yellow vegetables.

The best home cures for just about any ailment are usually rooted in a healthy diet and proper hydration. At the same time, exercise would also be important if high cholesterol or inflammation is the culprit. There is always a possibility that allergies or congestion are the cause of ones tinnitus, so mixing a saline nasal spray may also be a great help. The standard mixture is a quarter teaspoon of salt to a cup of warm water. A quarter teaspoon of glycerin can also be added to the saline to keep the nasal passages moist.

While tinnitus is an annoying and sometimes painful condition, it may not have to be a permanent irritation. Changing ones lifestyle can be helpful to improve blood circulation and overall health. Specific tinnitus remedies like those mentioned here are widely available, do not cost a great deal, and are safe to try in most cases. However, one should always consult a doctor before making drastic changes or using certain supplements.

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