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Getting published and Making money with hubpages

Updated on July 2, 2013
Hubpages - so easy a caveman could do it
Hubpages - so easy a caveman could do it

Do you have something you'd like to say, but you're not too sure where to go online to say it? Have you ever dreamt of getting some of your deeper ideas and concerns published, so that the masses could also share in your pure genius? Are your ideas and general thought processes so profound that you feel guilty for not sharing them with the general public, the unwashed masses if you will?

Well, your search could be over. Now that you've made your way over to the Hubpages community, your publishing prayers may have been answered. Yes, anybody can publish their work on Hubpages, and the best part is that once you've developed an audience, then you could actually start to make a little money to go along with your new-found stature and fame.

Getting published and making money with Hubpages

For the aspiring blogger looking to get some words out on the internet for all to read, or for the serious writer looking to hone their skills in a friendly, supportive online community, one need look no further that Hubpages for their opportunity to shine as a published, online author.

And the truly beautiful part of the entire process? Other than the fact that you can make a little extra money on the side from your work, that is... Is that you don't need to be a programming ninja in order to finally get something out onto the internet. Yes, the Hubpages interface is point and click template design at its finest, and its easiest. Why, it's so easy a caveman could do it (If you'll pardon the blatantly obvious pop culture reference, I couldn't resist).

Getting started with Hubpages

You may be wondering how or where to get started with the whole process. After all, getting yourself published in the past was a mind-numbingly painful process of endless submissions to literary entities, only to be rejected and berated to the point of submission. Naturally then, one would be a bit skeptical when the word 'published' or 'publishing' is so casually and flippantly thrown around in a dialog.

Well, you can't get started with Hubpages unless you visit the Hubpages homepages and set up your very own account. Once you've provided the most basic and rudimentary of information, you'll be well on your way to publishing your very own content on the World Wide Web.

Make $$$ with Hubpages

But that's only half of the equation; Did you know that you can actually make a little extra money by posting your stuff here at Hubpages? Yep. Hubpages was designed with the internet marketer in mind, and there are several ways to tap into the money stream that is right at your fingertips.

  1. Google Adsense - Google ads are placed on all Hubpage publications by default. You'll notice them as the little blue links near the top and sides of each and every Hub you visit. Since Hubpages is already publishing these links on your Hubs, all you have to do is set up a quick account with Google, tie their codes in with Hubpages, and Voila! Now, there are countless Hubs dedicated to the setup of Google Adsense accounts, so I'll leave it there. I use Google exclusively as my monetization method at Hubpages, even though I put Amazon links on my Hubs also. I haven't made a dime off...
  2. Amazon - When you set up your Hubs you'll be given the options to monetize with Google, Kontera and Amazon. Setting up Amazon can be a bit trickier and frustrating than Google, but if you are peddling very specific products to very specific markets, then Amazon is your friend. I place Amazon ads on almost all of my Hubs, and I get clicks from those links, but so far all those clicks have been from 'tire-kickers'
  3. Kontera - Kontera, hmmm. I don't know anything about this outfit, but there are plenty of Hubs written about the subject if you're interested. The one thing I do know is that it's probably better to be somewhat established before you try them out, because your earnings don't roll over on a monthly basis the way they do with Google, which means you're starting over with the first of every month as you chase their payment threshold.
  4. Affiliate marketing - If you have a product from an affiliate to offer, then you can provide up to 2 links per Hub to a specific domain. Hubpages is not affiliate friendly in the sense that they limit the amount of outgoing links you can point in any given direction, and they don't allow you to code your Hubs with any HTML code to spice up your pages. All page design is centered around what are called modules, which is just Hub-speak for template design. But the Modules are so easy to use, that even the most computer illiterate has the opportunity to create an online voice and presence.

I don't want to get too technical with this Hub, as it really is geared toward the total beginner, who is looking for a forum to post their worthy, valuable content without having to be a full-fledged web designer to do it.

Sign up for Hubpages and play around with the interface for awhile, get comfortable with the process, and grow it from there. It really is as easy as that, and you'll be surprised what you learn along the way. Once you've gotten a few Hubs under your belt, then you can worry about the more technical stuff, like monetizing your Hubs.


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