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Ovarian Cancer Stage four Prognosis

Updated on January 3, 2013
Ovarian Cancer Stage four Prognosis
Ovarian Cancer Stage four Prognosis | Source

Ovarian Cancer stage four Prognosis

Stage four Ovarian Cancer prognosis

Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that affects women. Stage four ovarian cancer is the final stage of the cancer. Tumors develop in one or in both the ovaries. These ovaries are small organs that produce eggs and also produce estrogen and progesterone which are useful hormones. The symptoms for this disease occur in the stage 4 ovarian cancer. This is because at the earlier stages the symptoms are not noticeable and might just pass for other discomforts in the abdomen. This is a big challenge as an early diagnosis leads to almost 100% chance of survival. Stage four ovarian cancer makes a grim prognosis because most likely the cancer has metastasizes to other nearby tissues and organs. This is never the less manageable and quite a number of success stories have been documented. Ovarian cancer usually affects women who are past 45 years old. The major symptoms include menstrual cycle irregularity, pelvic pains, frequent urine, nausea abdominal pains and swelling among many others.

Treatment for stage 4 Ovarian Cancer

Treatment for stage 4 ovarian cancer is a combination of therapies. Surgery is usually the first where the ovaries and uterus are removed. Chemotherapy treatment will then follow to kill the cancerous cells and prevent them from spreading further. This does not mean that the cancer cells will be eradicated completely but it will help in keeping the disease in control. The recurrence of the cancer is also monitored. Another procedure known as cytoreductive surgery can also be performed to extend the survival of the patient.

Ovarian cancer is sometimes referred to as the silent killer because the symptoms are not diagnosed early enough. Very few case are detected early. This makes many patients reach stage four ovarian cancer which is the last stage. But there are several warning signs that the body may show to make it possible for the patient and her doctor detect the cancer early enough. But this is tricky because most of these signs pass for gastrointestinal disorders and may easily be confused. This notwithstanding a slight suspicion should make the doctor order a pelvic examination and a CA-125 blood test and trans –vaginal ultrasound. These signs are gastrointestinal disturbances. This can include constipation, indigestion and nausea. Another early warning sign is abdominal swelling. Vaginal discharge that is not normal in terms of flow, color and smell should also make one go for the test. If a woman has had breast cancer or her family has a history of breast cancer then when these symptoms occur, they should rush to her doctor for the ovarian cancer test.

Stage 4 ovarian cancer is the most dangerous of all the stages of ovarian cancer. It is the most advanced and often leaves patients depressed. But as the case with most cancers a positive attitude is needed to keep the patients alive. These patients should also find some support groups and will be surprised to learn that there are so many stage four ovarian cancer patients out there. This will enable them share experiences and offer each other emotional and psychological support. This has enabled many stage 4 ovarian cancer patients survive and lead a good quality life.


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