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Achieve Goals with Color Therapy

Updated on October 21, 2014
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Accomplish Goals Through Color Visualization

Visualize goals in color to gain personal achievement. Positive colors affect our mood, energy and success. Color therapy has been used for years. Colors can make us feel optimistic, calm or sexy. It is not a proven science. Big corporations have studied the psychological value of colors and used it to their advantage. McDonald's uses the colors of red and yellow. The right mix of these colors can stimulate our appetites, making us feel hungry and entices us to buy more.

Goal setting with the visualization of color may help us gain better success in our achievements

Goal Setting Healing with Colors - Bring in Some Color

Color Therapy on Amazon
Color Therapy on Amazon

Heal Thyself with Colors and Set the Goals

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Color Therapy with Goals Restore Balance

Color therapy uses techniques of restoring balance to the body through the use of color. Colors help harmonize the body's energy fields. Feel stronger, more energetic, more balanced, less stressed, more empowered with understanding the healing powers.

A spectrum of different wavelengths called vibrational frequencies from white light that is reflected. This frequency gives off a rainbow range of colors, starting with red on one end to blue on the other. These are the colors that we are all familiar with. In color therapy or chromatherapy, different colors are used for healing the imbalance of our bodies.

An example of how colors work with fitness:

When working out with yoga and relaxing exercises, the color of the room tend to be a cool color of blue, green or purple to give a calming effect on our bodies and mood. Warm colors are used for weights and strenuous exercises. These colors include orange, yellow and red.

The Secret Language of Color eBook

Color Wheel | Source

Visualize Goals with Color and Positive Thinking

Combine goal setting and positive thinking to colors for maximum achievement.

True success must be visualized in a positive way. Clear our mind of all negativity. Reading a book on goal setting and positive thinking is a good start in the right direction. Attract your life to things you do want. Start with step-by-step goals and work up for greater achievement. Add a splash of color to enhance the effect.

Setting goals and sticking with them is not always easy. First we need to set aside some private time where there is no interference from the TV, a dog barking, children or our work. Start writing realistic goals in baby steps. Take more steps each time.

Begin with a plan of action on how these goals will be achieved. Write each goal out. Exclude the words "I will" or "I want." These words represent things that have not yet happened. Envision your goal as something already achieved with positive affirmations.

1. I lost five pounds by the end of the week on (this date).

2. I exercise with two 30 minute workouts everyday.

3. I have eliminated extra sugar and salt to my food.

Envision a color that is soothing, calm and energetic. Add a color that will help you achieve your goal, then highlight your written goal and post it on your refrigerator. In color therapy, different colors have different meanings. Green is the color of health. Green could stimulate your brain into eating more leafy vegetables. Remember that all goals need to be broken down in how you plan to work on it. How are you going to get more fit? What exercises will you be doing?

This same Plan of Action can be applied to any goal. Independent wealth, trip to Hawaii, physical and emotional health or writing a book can be part of your resolution for this year.

Healing with Colors & Positive Affirmations

Wall Poster and Further Reading

Time Exposure of a Spinning Color Wheel in a Shop Wall Mural - 36 Inches W x 24 Inches H - Peel and Stick Removable Graphic

Heal with Colors

The theory of color therapy dates back to a physician and scholar, Avicenna (c. 980 - 1037), who viewed colors to be an effective treatment. Avicenna discussed color therapy (also known as chromotherapy) in his book "The Canon of Medicine.

Getting Fit with Positive Affirmations

It is not as easy as it sounds. First you need to change you way of thinking. Release you negative energies. Gain positive thoughts. A positive mind releases positive energy. Set some time out for yourself and write down your affirmations on paper.

Positive Meaning of Colors

Positive Meaning of Colors

Some colors have positive and negative aspects. For instance: black can mean success, it can also be associated with depression. Below are the positive meanings of these colors.

Red: love, emotions, excitement, stimulates appetite

Blue: trustworthy, calm, carefree, subdue, productive

Yellow: happiness, stimulating, positive energy, attention

Green: self-control, soothes, peaceful, fertility

Purple: royalty, creative, spirituality, wealth

Brown: stable, natural, orderliness, wholesomeness

Orange: activity, stimulates appetite, socialization, energy

Black: power, success, sense of potential, strong

White: clear clutter, alert, pure, fresh start

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