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Tips For a Healthy And Happy Life.

Updated on October 20, 2014

Maintain The Insane


A Happy And Healthy Lifestyle

Laugh as much as you possibly can. Play when you can. And don't take anything too seriously.

Exercise a bit, eat tasty food, and get a pet. Don't call it Bazooka Joe though; I'm reserving that for my next cat.

Pretty lights, aroma therapy, and an inside water fountain are more happy healthy lifestyle choices.

Ok then.

Live Healthy

Workout Seriously

A little exercise is so good for you. Because of my concern over this problem, I wrote this beneficial Couch Workouts page.

Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life And Legacy As The Duck Commander

Reading Is Good

Reading will keep your mind busy and active, especially if you read fun stuff, like fairy tales, cartoons, and history stuff. Oooh, and don't forget all the alien UFO stuff, ghost stuff, or adventure tales.

Watch Airplane & Airplane II

Get A Witch's Hat

Witch's hats are lovely and they will bring you out of your shell in no time. Don't tell anyone, but witch's hats channel energy from the Collective Conscious.

Witch's Hat

Police Squad! The Complete Series

Police Squad! The Complete Series
Police Squad! The Complete Series

Keep it simple. A happy life should boil down to ABC.



Get A Cat Or Dog

Pets are social little creatures and they tend to bring out the best in people. They add great value and meaning to life.

Blogs For Cats

Blogs For Dogs

A Short Guide To A Happy Life

A Short Guide to a Happy Life
A Short Guide to a Happy Life

Damn right! Short and sweet.


Tasty Food

Cooking Is Creative

Just start cooking. If you don't know know how, you can easily learn. Try some simple stuff first, then move right along to the flaming desserts.

Easy Pear Cobbler Recipe

Country Supper

© 2013 Linda Hahn

What Is Your Tip For A Happy Life?

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