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Want to Lose Weight and Change Shape?Check out the New Way to Diet to Remain Healthy and Strong Forever!!!

Updated on September 8, 2011

Are you over-weight?

How much weight would you like to lose, even if you are not that weighty; don't you think it will be great to still flush out some useless pounds and dangerous toxins from your body; and the best thing here is that you get to do this the natural way. Below are some tips that will get you started;

  1. First of all, you really need to come to terms with your weight: it has been scientifically proven that almost 80% of obese adults have high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated choloesterol levels, coronary artery disease or osteo-arthritis (common mostly in women), this is why you need to understand that the state of your body poses a serious health risk to you so you have to be in the right frame of mind as it has been noted through study that over weight people suffer from emotional stress and low self esteem; so treat your self with respect, be who you are and take effective control.

Undertand your body: Your body has been taught to eat a certain way over the years, the drift here is that you couold be developing habits that encourage excessive weight gain without even realizing it. By choosing foods that are high in sugars, starches (carbohydrates) could trigger a high glycemic index , resulting in an increase in blood sugars (glucose) which invariably inhibits the production of insulin, and the more insulin the body produces the greater the risk and susceptibility of the body to diseases like diabetese. So get to understand the workings of your body, if you want to be in perfect shape. Take control:For you to achieve this feat, you really need to take control, you can start by developing correct eating habits; by using the right kind of low glycemic response foods. Train your body to eat food that maximises nutrient utilization and energy output. Instead of becoming a dumping ground for fats and cholosterol plus toxins,rather prepare your body to become a fat-burning machine by taking charge of your eating patterns: knowing the ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.Activate your "satiety signals" that tells you brain that you are satisfied , this will help you take less food and junks that increases the chance of weight gain. take enough water (about 8-10 glasses is highly recomended): since enough water in the body will help

  • proper functioning of the cells, tissues and organs
  • supports the kidney in their role in protein metabolism
  • provide satiety value and helps a person to feel full, meaning less food
  • remove toxins from your system, keep the skin clearer, assist in nutrient absorption, helps reduce headaches

The value of Exercise can not be over emphasised here, as it is necessary to exercise in order for the person to reach your goal weight.So no matter your age, weight, physical limitations; virtually every one can exercise in some way: as exercise benefits you physically,mentally and psychologically: below are some benefits of taking adequate exercise

  • increase fat-burning capabilities and metabollic rate during and after exercise
  • improves flexibility
  • can help reduce risk of colon cancer
  • help control blood sugar( glucose) levels, especially in those at risk of diabetese mellitus
  • helps improve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis especially in women and aged people
  • enahances mood and helps manage stress, which is a common factor in with over weight people
  • promotes sound sleep and overall circulation
  • boosts self-esteem and self-confidence
  • helps you achieve long term weight loss goals; after all this is what this write up is all about

Stay Focused:You really need to keep your wits together especially if you notice progress in youe bid to lose weight and atay health as losing weight means having strong will and mind power; which involves changing your eating and exercise habits. Long term weight lose doesnt happen over night, it is a process that takes time and patience, this is where staying focused will come in handy, remember your body doesn't like change, it wants to maintain your current weight,changing diet will mean a slow down in metabolism and starvation which could pose a serious threat to your life.

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In this case ; especially if all the above suggestion does not work,you need a real booster, something like Acai Noni - The hottest new diet of 2009! from ACai Berry: a little berry from the Brazilian rainforest getting recognition for it's high levels of super food nutrition.

This is going to be your weight lose buddy known for the following;

  • boost metabolism
  • flush harmful toxins
  • Flush excess weight
  • detoxify the body
  • Boost mood
  • Increase memory
  • boost energy naturally
  • reduce signs of age
  • reduce bloating
  • flatten tummy
  • reduce free radicals
  • reduce cell damage

So what more can I tell you especially when you don't have the will power to use other means to achieve your weight lose goals, then Acai Noni Comes inevitably in.

So acheive that perfect shape and body you desire this 2009!!!


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