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Vitamin D - Many Benefits, Especially for Those Over 50!

Updated on February 4, 2015

Vitamin D Does Many Wonderful Things for People of All Ages

Everyone seems to be talking about Vitamin D these days. Dr. Oz has talked about it on his show. Good Morning America has also done a story on it. There are even articles about it in magazines and newspapers, as well as the internet. After seeing all this, I began to wonder why, so I started doing some research. Imagine my surprise when I found out the health benefits and bodily functions that this Vitamin is reputed to help. I was so impressed, I decided to write this lens about the benefits of Vitamin D, so I could keep it straight in my head and so that others could get the low down on this extremely healthful vitamin.

Read on to find out more about Vitamin D !

~Graphic is an original by Jade

Some of the Benefits of Vitamin D - There are Many !

  1. It aids your body in absorbing nutrients, most importantly calcium and phosphorus. This helps give you good teeth, strong bones and a more powerful immune system

  2. Helps your body's calcium balance, thereby preventing osteoporosis or arthritis

  3. Reduces Stress and Tension

  4. Relieves body aches and pains by reducing muscle spasms

  5. Helps control insulin level in diabetics

  6. May help weight loss, especially in post menopausal women

Vitamin D and AlgaeCal - Weight Loss Help For Post Menopausal Women

There has been several studies that have shown a connection between calcium and vitamin d and weight loss in post menopausal women. This duet of supplements may also be able to stop the dreaded weight gain that comes with middle age, because it is believed that the intake of calcium and vitamin d changes the way the body breaks down fat.

Plant based calcium is recommended, a being easier on the stomach and also non-constipating. AlgaeCal has gotten great reviews as being a premium plant based calcium supplement.

Exposure to the Sun Creates Vitamin D

Your Skin Creates It

I've always known that sunlight was the natural source for Vitamin D. Exposure to the sun causes your skin to manufacture it. Unfortunately, spending time in the sun with unprotected skin is a dangerous practice that puts you at risk for premature aging and skin cancer. So I am thinking to myself, if you need put your unprotected skin in the sunlight to get Vitamin D, but you really shouldn't put your unprotected skin out in the sun, what do I do now?

I called my family doctor and posed this question to him. He said that the sun exposure your skin needs to produce Vitamin D is minimal, far less than levels needed to cause health problems. I asked him how much, and he said sun on your unprotected skin for about 15 minutes twice a week would be more than enough for the Vitamin D that I needed. He also recommended eating Vitamin D rich foods, such a salmon, on a regular basis was an excellent way to maintain good Vitamin D levels.

I wanted to know if I was Vitamin D deficient, so I asked my doctor for a 25-hydroxy blood test.

The normal range is 30 to 74 nanograms per milliliter, and I was 39, so I have stepped up my Vitamin D intake a bit.

Vitamin D Rich Foods

  • Shitake & Button Mushrooms:

  • Mackrel

  • Sockeye Salmon

  • Herring

  • Sardines

  • Catfish

  • Tuna

  • Cod Liver Oil

  • Eggs

  • Beef Liver

  • Swiss Cheese

  • Fresh Fruit

Vitamin D Soft Gels - 1000 IU

15 minutes of sun gives you 20,000 IU of Vitamin D

(with no sunscreen)

This is not recommended and may promote skin aging and skin cancer

Recommended Dosage of Vitamin D

Many People Take More

Below is an adequate amount of Vitamin D for adult men and women.

14 to 50 400 IU per day

51 to 70 400 IU

71 and up 600 IU

However, studies have shown that more can be better when it comes to Vitamin D, and many people take 1000 IU per day or more, with no risks or side effects.

Rainbow Light Vitamin D Gummies - Yummy Gummies !

Sour lemon flavored gummies, 100% natural and free of gluten, nuts, fish, soy, eggs, yeast and milk. 1000 UI each. These are my favorite vitamins, I love lemon!

Vitamin D Good for Helping Prevent Injuries from Falls - in Older Adults

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recently came out with the recommendation that Vitamin D supplements and exercise are the best preventive measures that older Adults can take against injury from falling. Falling is one of the major causes of injury in people over 65, who usually fall at least once a year. Serious injury occurs in 5 to 10% of these falls.

Much research has been done on how to help prevent injuries from falls. There are many things that have been found that do not help, such as wearing hip protectors, taking protein supplements or more frequent eye exams. Studies have shown no injury reduction with the introduction of these factors. However, with the addition of Vitamin D and either regular exercise or physical therapy, the reduction of injuries from falling decreased 13 to 17 percent according to Reuters Health report of December 21, 2010. The recommended dose is 800 IUs per day, for long term maximum benefit.

My mom took vitamins every day of her adult life, and she always took Vitamin D, as well as C. Even in her 90's she never broke a bone, or damaged her hip when she took a tumble! I firmly believe it was her vitamin regimen that was the reason for that.

~Graphic is an original by Jade

Hydroxychloroquine, or Plaquenil, and corticosteroids are prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis and can prevent Vitamin D from being absorbed. See your doctor and have him adjust the dose accordingly.

Vitamin D May Help the Following Health Issues

It's Part of the Recommended Treatment

Vitamin D is recommended in the treatment of several health issues. It helps to improve kidney function, it controls abnormal proliferation of cancer cells, reduces parathyroid numbers to help hyperparathyroidism. By strengthening bones, it can help with osteomalacia, helps with hypophosphatemia by controlling phosphates levels, and hypocalcaemia by helping prevent abnormal calcium deposits.

The Miraculous Results of Extremely High Doses of Vitamin D3 - Available in e-book form only, $.99

Jeff Bowles experiment with large doses of Vitamin D3 from 25,000 to 100,000 IU a day for one year.

The Real Story on Vitamin D

Dr. Oz on The Importance of Vitamin D

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Disclaimer: The information presented on this page is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own physician

Do You Take Vitamin D ? - What did you think of the info in this lens ?

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  • wiseriverman profile image

    wiseriverman 4 years ago

    @geosum: How did you lose the weight? You look great! I hope you're around for many more years too.


  • Jadelynx-HP profile image

    Tracey Boyer 4 years ago from Michigan

    @geosum: Good for you !!!

  • geosum profile image

    geosum 4 years ago

    Good info. I'm going on 76 & I take calcium citrate with D3. Recommended by my doctor. I've come down from 315 lbs down to 185 lbs in 5 years. I'm hoping to be around for many more years.

  • kerrylea profile image

    kerrylea 4 years ago

    After reading this lens I am going to get back onto the vitamin D tablets. Prefer the tablets than eating the fish you recommended.

  • GramaBarb profile image

    GramaBarb 4 years ago from Vancouver

    I'm taking Vit D already but it is good to read a reminder of just how important it is! Thanks!

  • HardyGirl profile image

    HardyGirl 4 years ago

    I was diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency a few years ago and have been taking a supplement ever since. I can't say it's made a dramatic change in my health. But it's such an important element for our bodies that I feel it's better to err on the side of caution.

  • profile image

    mwiener 4 years ago

    Vitamin D is easy to get, just stay a few minutes a day under the sun. However, for people in places where sunlight is not that much, supplements can help.

  • rdcbizz profile image

    rdcbizz 5 years ago

    Great lens

  • RuthieDenise profile image

    RuthieDenise 5 years ago

    I think it is a good supplement to take. I just hate to take another pill.

  • PaulaMorgan profile image

    Paula Morgan 5 years ago from Sydney Australia

    I have been taking Vitamin D for a couple of years since my Dr discovered my levels were low. I really do think it has made me feel better. Even though I live in a sunny climate with the skin cancer messages out there these days to cover up many of us are deficient in Vitamin D

  • PaulWinter profile image

    PaulWinter 5 years ago

    Don't take vitamin D as a supplement, but I think I should. Especially with my various health problems.

  • Frischy profile image

    Frischy 5 years ago from Kentucky, USA

    My doctor told me about 6 months ago to start taking vitamin D. I also try to spend some time in the sunshine a few times a week. I think that boosts the mood also. It is good for humans to be inside all the time, which we tend to be now.

  • hartworks lm profile image

    hartworks lm 5 years ago

    When I lived in Mexico, I walked outside in my yard for 10 or 15 minutes, skimpily clad, around 8 am many days, without sunscreen. While I have to admit that my current dermatologist here in the US takes a dim view of my doing this, I still do it a little here in the US. The idea came from one of the books I read at the time. I simply don't believe I need sunscreen constantly. (But I will be wearing it next weekend at a music festival!)

    I also take Vit D supplements.

  • victoriuh profile image

    victoriuh 5 years ago

    Very comprehensive and an important topic. Blessed!

  • SheGetsCreative profile image

    Angela F 5 years ago from Seattle, WA

    I normally take 5000 IU. Good info.

  • profile image

    cmadden 5 years ago

    I do take vitamin D supplements, especially in the winter, since I live far enough north to need to. Nicely done.

  • LynetteBell profile image

    LynetteBell 5 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand

    I don't take supplements for vitamin D but was recently told that I need to increase my Vitamin D. I had several blood tests as a check and that's when it was found - I was just told to get extra sun. That was the only thing wrong. Perhaps considering a supplement is a good idea especially as we are now into winter in NZ. Thanks for the info.

  • Sher Ritchie profile image

    Sher Ritchie 5 years ago

    Amazing - this is a great lens and has fantastic information. I've featured it on my lens: . Thanks for sharing.