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White Kidney Bean Supplements - Do They Block Carbs from Being Absorbed?

Updated on March 31, 2015
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White Kidney Bean Supplements - What Are They and What Do They Do?

Did you know that when you eat a carbohydrate, your body digests it, which converts it to sugar, which goes straight into your bloodstream? From there it can play havoc with your blood sugar levels and cause problems with diabetes or pre-diabetes, and then it is deposited on your body as fat. This is why carbs are usually a no no, or eaten sparingly by people with sugar problems or people who are trying to diet.

This supplement is made from plain northern white kidney beans. It is an amylase inhibitor, which means it inhibits the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates into sugar. When taken before meals, it stops the enzyme in your stomach from turning the carbs you eat into sugar, so glucose levels remain more stable and less sugar is turned into fat.

Below I have outlined the information you need to know, if you are thinking about beginning a regime of White Kidney Bean Supplements. After reading this page, if you decide that you want to try it, you should talk to your doctor first, as you would with any supplement that you are considering taking regularly.

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Benefits of White Kidney Bean Supplements - There are Many!

  • May help regulate blood sugar levels, and fight insulin resistance. Also may help or prevent diabetes.
  • May help prevent heart disease
  • May help prevent colon cancer
  • May help reduce arthritic pain
  • May help in weight loss because it allows carbohydrates to pass through the body without being digested and converted to fat.
  • May caused increased energy.

International Journal of Medical Sciences Study of White Kidney Bean Supplements

In 2007

In a clinical trial performed by the International Journal of Medical Sciences in 2007, 60 people were given a white kidney bean supplement before each meal, or a placebo. After 30 days, the people who had taken the actual supplement lost significantly more weight and had a greater reduction in waistline measurement than the people who took the placebo . The participants that took the real suppliment also maintained a leaner body mass!

*To review the full study, view it at:

Possible Side Effects - Some Are Affected By These Things

Taking this supplement prevents the full digestion of carbohydrates, so due to that it can cause several unpleasant side effects of a gastrointestinal nature, such as:

  • Heartburn
  • Increased gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Bloated feeling

White Kidney Bean Supplement - 1000mg - 60 Capsules

Even though white kidney bean supplements block the alpha-amylase enzymes, that doesn't mean all carbohydrate digestion will be prevented. Another digestive enzyme, glucoamylase, may pick up the slack and continue breaking down starches.

A Video Review

White Kidney Bean Powder - One Pound

If you don't like to take pills, this powder can be mixed in with food or drinks.

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