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Anti- aging: Week 1

Updated on July 22, 2013

Age reversal week 1

NOTE: Before beginning this step, it is assumed that you have read the guide for anti-aging. If you have not, I recommend that you read it now by clicking here.

Melatonin was considered the wonder hormone and touted as the age reversing miracle in the 1990's and early in the 2000's. Some of the early claims were a bit premature, but nonetheless, Melatonin is one of the most important of the anti-aging hormones at our disposal. Most people know that it can help regulate sleep cycles, but what they don't realize is that it can regulate the circadian rythms entirely.

This should come as no surprise when we consider that during sleep is when our pituitary gland is the most active in pushing hormones into our systems. Leutinizing hormone, human growth hormone and thyroid hormones show the greatest secretion while our bodies are at rest. This is by no accident, of course. During the course of an active day, the body's systems are constantly changing with the demands of survival, our attention and emotions are constantly shifting to the point that other demands must take priority over these secretions. That is not to say that these hormones don't get secreted at all during the day, but that their greatest production is while we sleep.

Because Melatonin sits at the top of the hormonal pyramid as far as aging is concerned, it is the logical place to start growing young. Melatonin can influence the production and release of HGH and LH, two hormones that we will be using in the coming weeks; it can also extend your lifespan by 40% and bring sex hormones back to youthful levels.

To find out more about this incredible hormone and its abilities, click here.

To Use Melatonin

When dealing with hormones, more is not always better. Hormones must be in balance and work together with each other. Melatonin is no exception to the rule. You can purchase a bottle of 3 milligram tablets at just about any pharmacy in the country for between eight and twelve dollars for a two month supply. Though there are higher dosages available, but the 3 milligram is the most prudent dosage to select.

The first night, take one tablet at bedtime. Be sure to write the dosage and time of ingestion in your journal. If you fall asleep within an hour and you do not feel groggy in the morning then you have found your dosage.

If you still had trouble falling asleep, try increasing the dosage by 1 tablet (total dosage 6 mg.) on the second night. Again, if you fall asleep within an hour and do not feel groggy the next morning, that is your dosage.

You can keep increasing your dosage by 3 mg each night until you find your dosage, but DO NOT EXCEED 15 mg PER NIGHT!

If you feel groggy for more than 30 minutes. the following day, then your dosage is too high and you must reduce consumption by 1 tablet. Don't expect to wake up looking like a teen ager any time this week, we are simply opening the doors for growing young, and opening the lines of communication between your pineal gland and your pituitary gland.

Once you have found your dosage, you will take this dosage every night at beditme throughout this anti-aging process. I strongly recommend that you pose for a picture before you start this program, as you will find yourself referring back to it.

If you notice any adverse effects, stop taking the Melatonin immediately.

At this point you are taking:
Melatonin at bedtime

Please leave you initials, age, sex and weight in the comment box below, as well as your goals and any comments that you may have about this program.


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      Jim S 6 years ago

      Good stuff! Looking forward to reading more.