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Anti- aging: Week 2

Updated on July 20, 2013

Age reversal week 2

NOTE: Before beginning this step, it is assumed that you have read the guide for anti-aging. If you have not, I recommend that you read it now by clicking here.

By now you should have completed your first week of melatonin suppliment. You may already notice some changes in your sleeping patterns, stress levels, and possibly an increase in your energy levels. This is only the beginning of a wonderful series of transformations that will happen to your unaging body. If you are not seeing any changes yet, do not worry, this may simply mean that you already had a fairly healthy level of melatonin to begin with. Either way, continue to take the melatonin, your body is going to need it.

The second hormone that we will add to the mixture is Human Growth Hormone (HGH). HGH has been called everything from the fountain of youth to the Methuselah factor and is a truly remarkable hormone. It really does reverse aging in human beings and undoes some of the damage inflicted on the human body through neglect.

To read more about this incredible hormone, click here.

Like so many of the essential hormones that decline with age, HGH is released in the greatest quantities while we sleep. Another time it is released is during and immediately after a rigerous workout. There are injections of HGH available, but they are usually from synthetic sources and are not recommended. After all, you don't want to be at the mercy of a drug company for the rest of your life. Instead, it is more advantagious to induce your own body to produce HGH on its own, eliminating any incompatabilities afforded by synthetic hormones. This is achieved through the use of segretagogues, or secretion stimulators. The market is full of them, but I have used and recommend 'Power Full' brand. It contains only vegetable sources to induce stimulation and therefore avoids the possability of illness from porcine (pig) sources. I recommend one capsule per night, at bedtime. Be sure that you do not consume any carbohydrates within 1 hour prior to ingesting.

You can further boost HGH production by taking gensing extract. Together the two will work in tandem to inspire the pituitary gland to pump HGH into your system. Remember, more is not always better, this is especially the case with secretion agents. If you took a whole handfull of a particular secretagogue, it probably would not be any more effective than taking one or two. All these agents do is tell the pituitary to produce HGH, they don't tell it how much to produce.

Within a week you should feel more energy, but over the course of months you will notice changes such as better muscle tone, thicker skin, weight loss and better metabolism, to name a few. This is truly a miracle hormone, and it is a crucial part of the anti-aging process.

If you notice any adverse effects, stop taking the secretagogues immediately.

At this point you are taking:
Melatonin at bedtime
HGH at bedtime

Please leave you initials, age, sex and weight in the comment box below, as well as your goals and any comments about how you feel at this point in the program.


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