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Fun Things to Do July 4th!

Updated on October 19, 2014
Looks like it was a blast!
Looks like it was a blast!

What is July 4th?

July 4th (fourth) in the United States is time that we celebrate freedom, our country and independence. It's a day that we celebrate our history. Families and communities get together to do fun activities and celebrate a unity, a togetherness, a peace. July 4th, Independence Day, is coming soon to a backyard grill near you.

Sometimes however, you just don't know where to go or what to do with yourself on the 4th. I've put up 10 reminders of what to do on the fourth of July, just in case you need to be reminded!

Ladies and Gentlemen, children old enough to shoot fireworks and read this page without remand from parents, visitors one and all...

May I present:

10 Fun and Traditional Things to Do on July 4th!

The Fourth of July

10. Watch a Fireworks Show

Fireworks, year after year, have proven time and time again to be fun for all (maybe most) - the whole family, from kids to adults (note: babies excluded - they usually cry.)

So, if your family is baby-less or if you can find a sitter, find a local fireworks display, they're more fun than just shooting off a couple of bottle rockets or running around with sparklers in your backyard.

BBQ Your Food this July 4th

Mmm - Doesn't that just look delicious!
Mmm - Doesn't that just look delicious!

9. Have a Cook Out

Cookouts, like fireworks, are staples in almost every American's Fourth of July diet. All you'll need to do is prepare your food(s) and throw it/'em on the barbie.

Mmm... BBQ Ribs, or chicken, or steak, AND all the fixin's - corn on the cob - yup, I can't wait!

You don't even have to own a grill to have one! You can go to a local park that has grills already installed, ready for you to throw your food on the BBQ. Make sure it's clean before you use it - some things just don't cook off!

But if you want to own a BBQ grill, but don't have time to make it to the store, here are a few:

Range of BBQ Grills from Amazon

Lynx Lynx Gas Grills 36 Inch Propane Gas Grill On Cart With Rotisserie L36FR-1-LP
Lynx Lynx Gas Grills 36 Inch Propane Gas Grill On Cart With Rotisserie L36FR-1-LP

Top of the line BBQ grill! Use propane to fuel your BBQ-ed foods this July 4th.


8. Turn your July 4 BBQ into a Cook Off

Get 10 or 20 of your closest friends and family together and turn your run-of-the-mill BBQ into a FUN Food Festivity! You can even have a prize pool (or trophy) for the winner(s) but more importantly, you'll have GREAT food on the 4th!

So, which of you can cook better, you or him/her? How many judges/taste testers can you get in on it? You won't know until you try!

Have FUN and BE SAFE this July 4th!

Pig Pickin' Picture

Pondering: What parts of the pig are perfect for pickin'? My guess is everything, especially if you're from the South.
Pondering: What parts of the pig are perfect for pickin'? My guess is everything, especially if you're from the South.

7. Throw a Big Pig Pickin'

... or a small one.

Either way, you'll need to buy/raise/acquire a pig (or parts of it) or even 2-3 small porkers, if your cooker(s) will allow.

Just salt 'n pepper (and any other spices you'd like) to taste for a perfectly pickable pig.

Once the pig(s) is/are done, you just pick away at the parts, til you can't pick anymore.

If you have any leftovers, add some barbecue sauce and make BBQ sandwiches. They're great!

6. Go to a July 4th Parade

Parades can be uniting, of sorts, but even more togetherness somehow musters up when an Independence Day crowd is about. The bands, the floats, the community organizations, and yes even the vendors bring about a sense of a united stance in the United States.

Don't have a July 4th Parade in your town?

  • Big holidays usually mean big parades.
  • The bigger cities usually have the bigger parades.
  • Find a big city nearby or travel to one.

Is bigger better? I dunno, but at least you'll have found your way to a July 4th Parade. :) Have fun and don't forget to wear some red, some white, and some blue! :)

If you can't make it to a July 4th Parade this year, don't fret. You can always watch a few parades on television.

5. Make RWB Bracelets

R - Red
W - White
B - Blue

C. S. Alexis, a writer here at HubPages, has this terrific hub about making July 4th bracelets. Make bracelets for yourself, your family and all of your friends! Let her know that I, W. Christopher, sent you! :)

Here's the hub:

Red, White and Blue Bracelets

4. Make a July 4th Greeting Card

Throwing a party? How 'bout that pig picken' that we talked about earlier? Whatever the July 4th festivity, send out invitations to your friends and family!

WordPlay, another writer at HubPages and based out of South Florida has made a hub with FREE July 4th Invitations!

Here it is:

FREE July 4th Invitations


3. Make Fat-Free Foods

We all know that every holiday usually brings about a few added pounds and with that a few added inches around the waste-line.

Maddie Ruud, HubPages Staff member and Freelance Writer, has a great little hub with some terrific, Fat-FREE July 4th Recipes! And, they all sound absolutely scrumptious!

Maddie's hub:

July 4th Fat FREE Desserts

2. Read Up On Independence Day

Well, it's been turned into a movie already, so you should know a little about it, right? Well, it's not quite the same...

1776, the year of our pronounced independence is a Broadway Musical. Yes, it's out on DVD (and VHS) and you can buy it from Amazon to your right.

Read up on Independence Day in Google (I'm sure you can find Google) and at other websites, then you can do my recommended #1 the 4th of July, below.

  • Take a Tour of HubPages

  • Read About Other Topics

1. Write About Independence Day (July 4th) and Make Money From It

I am. And you're here, aren't you? Why could the roles not be reversed? They can be!

With each and every visit to this and to my (and other people's HubPages), I have the potential to make money. Visitors buy and visitors click. So, at HubPages, there are several motetization options available, including: Google's Adsense Program, Amazon, ebay and Kontera.

All you'll need to do is JOIN HUBPAGES! And start writing! Go for it! Join now. :)

Have fun and be safe.

Most of all, have a happy 4th of July!

Which Fun Thing are you MOST likely to do on July 4th?

Pick a #.

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