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10 Funny Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Updated on December 16, 2011

USB Port Skull, Paperweight and Desk Organizer

Funny Gifts for Guys

Are you looking for funny gift ideas for a boyfriend? Perhaps he's a prankster and you just want to get him a gag gift. Or maybe he's hard to buy for and you want to find something unique. Or maybe you just want to pick a funny gift for your boyfriend because you haven't known him long enough to get something sentimental and romantic.

Whatever the reason, here's a list of funny gift ideas for boyfriends and other guys that are great for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions.

USB Skull Hub

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #1
These days, almost everyone can use extra USB ports for their computer. You need them to plug in printers, cameras, iPods, and plenty of other devices, so a few extras are always nice. If your boyfriend is in need of some extra USB ports, or perhaps just needs a funky new decoration for his desktop, check out this USB skull hub. Crafted to look like a human skull, it has 2 USB ports on either side of the jaw, so it makes a great docking station for any plug-ins that exceed the capacity of your boyfriend's computer. It also has a place on top of the skull to hold paper clips or other office accessories, so your boyfriend will always be able to keep his head on straight at work. As if that weren't enough, it also doubles as a paperweight.

Duct Tape Wallet

Duct Tape Wallet

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #2
Does your guy love duct tape? The super-sticky silver tape is a favorite for many do-it-yourselfers because of its strength and durability. It'll hold on to almost anything, and now your boyfriend can use it to hold on to his money. Why give a boring regular wallet when you can give a funny duct tape wallet? This folding men's wallet is made of 100% duct tape for long-lasting durability. It comes with space for 4 credit cards, 6 pictures, and ID and also includes a currency pocket. Alas, your boyfriend won't be able to rip the wallet apart to patch a hole, but it's guaranteed not to peel or get sticky and comes with a lifetime trade-in warranty from the manufacturer.

BBQ Sword for Grilling

Barbecue Sword

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #3
If your boyfriend dreams of clashing steel with the Three Musketeers or wielding a lightsaber with the Jedi, he might enjoy this BBQ sword. It won't defeat bad guys, but your beau can use it to fearlessly flip burgers and steaks on the grill, secure in the knowledge that the stainless steel handguard will protect him from flames. Burgers beware! Amazon says, "Added entertainment for any barbecue. Makes sausages sizzle and ladies swoon."

6-Pack Camo Beer Belt

Camo Beer Belt

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #4
Unless you have a camouflage-colored couch, this camo beer belt isn't going to help your boyfriend blend into any background, but at least he won't be yelling for you to grab him another soda or beer during the big game when he's wearing this device. Designed to hold 6 cans of your boyfriend's favorite soda, the adjustable belt straps around his waist and is held tightly by the quick-snap buckle. Great for fishing and camping trips, tailgate parties, or watching the game on the big screen TV with the guys.

2-Sided Butt Face Towel

Butt/Face Towel

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #5
Do people really have problems telling one end from the other? I would certainly hope not.

Do people think it's funny to have a towel to help you tell one end from the other? Apparently so. This towel is a bestseller, and the smiling folks in that photo certainly look like they're having fun.

But just in case there's any confusion and your boyfriend doesn't like to step out of the shower and not know where his towel has been, this two-colored towel makes everything obvious.

One side is dark brown with the word "butt" written on it. The other side is white and says "face."

The product description says this towel measures 45 x 25 inches, so the photo is rather misleading, but there's still plenty of room to make sure you don't end up using the wrong end of the towel on places you don't want it touching.

Silver and Black Batman Cufflinks

Batman Cufflinks

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #6

Holy clothing accessories, Batman! These Batman cufflinks will be great for the superhero in your life. Fans of the Caped Crusader will love sporting these cufflinks, which feature rhodium plating and black enamel with a bullet back closure.

Darth Vader Star Wars Lightsaber Pen

Star Wars Lightsaber Pen

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #7

The Force will be with your boyfriend every time he writes a check or scribbles on a Post-It note if you choose this funny gift idea and get him a pen shaped like a Star Wars lightsaber. Maybe it will even help him do a better job writing romantic sentiments in your birthday or anniversary cards.

These pens light up just like the famous Star Wars lightsabers, but, alas, no sound effects. (And note that batteries are sold separately.)

The red pen shown here is the Darth Vader model, but if your guy is more of a Jedi Knight than a Sith Lord (let's hope so!), the pens are also available in blue for Obiwan Kenobi and green for Luke Skywalker. May The Force be with you.



Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #8

One of the funniest things about Handerpants may be their description from the manufacturer. The manufacturer calls them "stylish for any occasion." Ummm, really? I can't actually think of any place in public your boyfriend might want to wear these unique fingerless gloves that have the "look and feel of men's briefs."

Perhaps they might be useful for keeping his hands clean while changing the oil, or he could take the manufacturer's suggestion to wear them under regular gloves for extra warmth. (Well, we wear underwear under pants, so why not undergloves under gloves?)

But let's be honest here - your boyfriend is probably going to open these, wonder what the heck you were thinking (as you laugh merrily) and then stuff them in the back of his underwear drawer. If he doesn't and he decides to wear them in public, be sure to pass along the following sage advice from one Amazon reviewer: "These things are very, very susceptible to staining... after consuming a relatively melty chocolate bar, I was ridiculed for having skid marks on my hands."

'Nuff said.

Bullshit Button Keychain

Bullshit Button Keychain

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #9

Here's a funny gift idea that could definitely be put to good use during the upcoming elections. It's the bullshit alert keychain. Just press the button and hear one of 7 bullshit alert messages:

* Bullshit Alert - Bullshit Alert!

* If It Gets Any Deeper In Here, I'll Need A Latter To Climb Out!

* What A Crock Of Bullshit!

* Everybody Put On Your Helmet Bullshit Is Being Flung!

* Step Right Up And Get Your Bullshit Here!

* Now That Was Grade-A Bullshit!

* If Bullshit Were Money, You'd Be A Millionaire!

Batteries are included, so your boyfriend will be ready to start sounding the alert as soon as he opens his gift.

Super Mario Chess Set

Super Mario Chess Set

Funny Gifts for Boyfriend #10

Does your boyfriend play too many video games? Then get him off the video game console with a board game that's inspired by a video game! With a little luck, he won't even feel the withdrawal pains. This chess set features 32 hand-painted Super Mario characters in a fight for the mushroom kingdom. No game console, wires, TV screen or controller required.

Super Mario Chess Set

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