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How to Create Personalized USPS Stamps for Special Occasions

Updated on September 10, 2010
See bottom of article for link to this stamp.
See bottom of article for link to this stamp.

Make Custom Stamps for Weddings, Graduations, Christmas, Birthdays, and Other Occasions

Special occasions deserve special notice, and if you're sending invitations, thank you notes or announcements for the big moments in life such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, bar mitzvahs, baby showers, or baby announcements, one of the easiest ways to make your mail stand out is to add a custom stamp. These days, it's easy to create great looking personalized USPS stamps to announce life's special occasions - or even every day occasions!

It's easy for anyone to create their own custom postage stamps online. If you've never tried it, here's a simple tutorial to walk you through the process. Have fun!

Create Custom Stamps

1. Upload an Image

2. Add text

3. Customize your design

4. Select the rate and size

Easy Steps to Personalized USPS Stamps

1. From the Custom Postage page at Zazzle, click the orange Create Postage button the right. In the Get Started box that will pop up, click the Select Image link under the gray box if you want to add a photo, or skip right to the box that says, “Add some text to your design (optional).”

2. If you’re adding a photo or artwork to your personalized stamps, click the Select Images to Upload button on the next screen. Browse to the image you’d like to add and click Ok. You’ll be taken back to the Get Started box again, but now you’ll see your image in the top half of the box and the “Add some text to your design” prompt at the bottom. So go ahead and add any text you’d like and then click the Make It Now button. You’ll be able to change and edit the text in the next step.

3. On the next screen, you can use the tools in the Customize It! Box to make your personalized USPS stamps just the way you want. First, you’ll need to select the element you want to edit. Look for the long rectangular boxes that say “Change Text” or “Change Image.” Click anywhere on either bar to use the editing tools, or click on the words to open the dialogue box and actually change your text or image.

Once you’ve selected your element to edit, you have several options. Here are several of the main tools you’ll see, from left to right.
- To move your text or image, use the arrow pad to go up, down, right or left.
- To change the font style, click on the “f” to the right of the arrows and select your favorite.
- To change the size of your text, type a new number in the box to the right of the “f” or use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the text on your personalized USPS stamp.
- To change the alignment, click the icon with the five horizontal lines and select your alignment.
- To rotate your text 90 degrees at a time, click the circular black arrow.

If you select an image element to edit, you’ll have the same tools on the top line to the right of the arrow pad (Edit, Arrange and Orientation), but you’ll have a few different options in the dropdown menus. On the lower line, you’ll have the following tools to edit your image.
- To increase or decrease the size of your image, click on the magnifying glass with the plus or minus sign.
- To rotate your image 90 degrees at a time, click the circular black arrow.
- To resize your image to fit the available space with cropping or no cropping, click one of the landscape icons.

4. Once you’re happy with your design, click the gray bar at the bottom that says “Choose your denomination and size.” You can then choose the size (small, medium, large) of your stamp and the postage rate. There are currently eight rate options, ranging from postcard to Priority Mail and several options for first class postage by weight.

5. Does everything look good? Then click the orange Add to Cart button and follow the checkout process to get your personalized USPS stamps. You’re done!

Have You Made Your Own Personalized USPS Stamps?

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    • Honorablewoman profile image

      Honorablewoman 7 years ago from Georgia

      Wow, Great information, I didn't know this was available, Thanks For Sharing. Daphne Marie McDonald