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10 Unique Valentine Day Gifts for Him

Updated on October 30, 2014
Photo taken by: James Emery
Photo taken by: James Emery | Source

What to give your man for Valentine's Day can be one of the hardest decisions to make. However, there's more you can do than just "buy" him a gift, there are a variety of good ideas of what to make that he would love just as much.

10. Dinner -- the least unique but the most appetizing gift you can make your man. Make him something he likes, his favorite food perhaps or something you just don't eat very often. They say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach! Share dinner over candles or in front of his favorite movie. Don't complain, just do it.

9. Post-It Notes -- Make him a heart design on a mirror out of post-it notes full of all of the things you love about him. Start with the little things he does for you and eventually make it to the way he looks at you and his funny jokes. Think of everything from his aesthetics to his humor to his work ethic. If you love it, write it. One of the most unique ideas for Valentine's Day and it can be combined with many other ideas from this list.

8. Cuddle Kit -- Create a cuddle kit for two. Include wine, chocolates, and a movie. Maybe blankets or a book. Whatever it takes to give you optimum cuddle time. Leave it at the door for him when he comes home.

7. Balloons -- Similar to the Post-It notes, this idea comes with a list of ideas of why you love him so much. Print out your favorite pictures from the times you’ve spent together and tie them to the ends of balloons you hang over your bed. On each one write on the back your favorite things about him or your favorite memories together. For added fun, write a note and place it inside each balloon before blowing it up. Take a needle inside of a Valentine's Day card and let him get to popping. With each balloon he pops he gets an awesome reminder of your love for him.

Photo taken by: Arnold Gatilao
Photo taken by: Arnold Gatilao | Source

6. Root beer Float Kit -- Take a basket, put in a 2-liter of Root beer and a gallon of ice cream, two ice cream glasses and big straws! Let your man know how much he floats your boat!

5. Snack Attack -- Pack him a kit of all of his favorite snacks to take to work with him. It's a nice treat for him and it'll keep him thinking about you all day long and for days after.

4. Tennis Shoes -- Buy your man a new pair of shoes and let him know how special he's been to you ever since he walked in to your life. Sure to put a smile on his face and some nice shoes on his feet.

3. Scavenger Hunt -- Tape a folder full of clues to the front door for when he shows up after work. Inside fill it with a lot of whimsical hints and clues on where to find the goodies you've left him, or even better, how to find you in some lingerie in hiding!

2. Beef Jerky and Liquor -- Create him an amazing gift full of his favorite liquors and beef jerky. Let him share it with his pals for days to come.

Photo taken by: SparkCBC
Photo taken by: SparkCBC | Source

1. Open When letters -- Open when you're mad/happy/sad/loving, etc. etc. These letters are meant to be reminders for days to come of all of the feelings you have for your special guy. Write these letters with the intention of them being read at a later time. Like the jelly of the month club, it's the gift that keeps on giving!


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