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Christmas Gifts for Her - Ideas You Just Can’t Go Wrong With

Updated on April 3, 2016

Christmas is just around the corner. Do you know what you are gifting all the women in your life/family? If not, here is guide that can help. Gift ideas are likely to be your most pressing concern right now. If you have not yet thought of perfect gifts for them – it is natural for that panic button to go off. While the cliché goes that women are hard to please, the truth may be quite the contrary. You may have to invest some thought and effort in picking out that perfect gift to get for her, the twinkle in her eye on being moved by the gesture will add more cadences to the festivities. Here are five gift ideas you just can’t go wrong with:

Chanel No:5
Chanel No:5


Most women are a sucker for exquisite fragrances and there can’t be a better way to please that special woman in your life than by picking out a premium perfume for her. Le Labo has a wide range of fragrances, with something to please everyone. Then there are distinct and chic fragrances from leading labels like Chanel No. 5 that is available for USD 150 unless you want to pick a collectible from Chanel 5’s Grand Extrait edition which is priced at a whopping $4,200; Deep Red by Hugo Boss available at $50, Burberry’s Brit Baccarat Crystal limited edition priced at $220, and Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie available for $130. If you feel a single bottle of perfume won’t suffice, you can make a gift pack by splurging on designer scented candles or notebooks.


Pretty much like perfumes, you cannot go wrong with picking out an exclusive range of make-up items for a perfect gift. Throw in a red or hot pink lip color, eye shadows with metallic tinge, and winged eyeliner in the mix and you are good to go. If you feel your knowledge on make-up items and brands is too inadequate to pick out the right items, head to a multi-brand store and select pre-packaged gift options containing goodies like Dior 5-Coulour designer palette of eye shadows ($60), or create your own hamper of goodies by adding in bronzers, blushes, lip colors, make-up minerals, eye liners of different shades and eye shadow palettes.

Dior 5-Coulour designer palette of eye shadows
Dior 5-Coulour designer palette of eye shadows
iPad Mini
iPad Mini

iPad Mini

When it comes to choosing a perfect gift, one can rarely go wrong with Apple products. Women today are not all about vanity, they are tech lovers and gizmo geeks too. If your sister, girlfriend or even mom loves her gadgets, surprise her with the awesome iPad Mini. The Mini is in no way a downgraded version of Apple’s iPad, instead it is a ‘mini’ feature-packed version of its predecessor. With the A7 and M7 processors, all-new Retina display, the iPad Mini is an ideal pick for browsing the web, reading e-books and magazines or just playing games. The iPad Mini is available for $329.


A bottle of wine works where nothing else does. Instead of picking her favorite bottle of Chateau or Bordeaux, get her membership to a wine club and let her explore the seamless world of wines and bubblies. Most reputed and established wine clubs introduce their members to a whole new world of exquisite wines from Nepa Valley, Chile and Spain. What’s better – she won’t have to step out of the comfort of her home to make the most of this ‘winederful’ experience. An assortment of red and white wine bottles will be delivered to her, till the membership lasts. Annual membership for a wine club can cost anywhere between $279-600.


Can’t think of a gift consistent with the tastes of that special woman in your life? Neither wine nor gadgets are good enough to please her? Here is a perfect gift that every girl will cherish – a day out at the spa. There can be no better way to gift her a slice of solace and repose. A day at the Spa, complete with beauty treatments like deep tissue massage, facials, manicure and pedicure, will make her feel distressed, rejuvenated – a perfect way to set the tone for the holiday season. The price of the Spa depends on the nature of amenities and services availed. Fine spa services can be availed between $495-1,000.

© 2013 Juana


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    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      I would be absolutely appalled if someone spent a ridiculous amount of money on a perfume I won't (and I promise this) ever wear. As for makeup, just no. Unless you know her skin tone exactly and if she's warm or cool toned, I'd stay away from this one. Not every woman appreciates a red lipstick either, they look pretty terrible on me.

      And skip the wine, I'd rather have a six pack of a really great Imperial Stout.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      Spa visits... yay for spa visits! LOL. I love when people give me things like gift certificates for a spa or beauty parlor because it's almost the only time I go for more than a quick trim, and I like to indulge once in a while. So luxurious. I wouldn't mind an Ipad, either. I have to send this to my husband, lol.