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After Christmas Decorating: Repurpose Your Christmas Tree and Ornament Collection

Updated on September 17, 2011
Use purple ornaments for Christmas, Mardi Gras and Easter!
Use purple ornaments for Christmas, Mardi Gras and Easter! | Source

While the obvious answer to the question of what to do with Christmas decorations once the holiday season is over is to pack them up and store them until the following year, you might want to consider repurposing some of your Christmas decoration items for use during other seasons and celebrations.

Have you ever considered decorating an artificial tree for a holiday other than Christmas? Many people are starting to create lovely holiday trees to mark special occasions and seasonal changes year-round. If you like this idea, you will be able to use your artificial Christmas tree several times each year instead of just for Christmas.

If you decide to repurpose your Christmas tree to decorate for other holidays, you’ll probably be able to re-use many of the ornaments you already own, especially if you have a collection of colored glass ball ornaments.

You won’t have to spend a fortune to expand your ornament collection so that you can use it for many other occasions if you plan ahead. Simply shop this year’s after Christmas sales with the other holidays that you’d like to decorate for in mind. You’ll probably find terrific deals on ornaments in appropriate colors and themes to use for various special occasions throughout the year.

Christmas? Patriotic?
Christmas? Patriotic? | Source

3 Alternate Holiday Tree Decorating Ideas

1. Mardi Gras Trees

Many people set up and decorate trees for Mardi Gras – or they often just leave them up after Christmas and change over the decorations after the first of the year. Since Mardi Gras colors and purple, green and gold, you can add in some purple ornaments to your green and gold Christmas ornaments and garland to create a lovely focal conversation piece for your home to enjoy during the Mardi Gras season.

Since purple is not an uncommon shade for Christmas decorations, watch after Christmas sales to see if you can find great deals on enough ornaments to prepare you to transition your tree to a Mardi Gras theme.

2. Easter Trees

If you have a collection of pastel ornaments, you can create a lovely Easter tree to decorate your home during spring. You can transition your Mardi Gras tree to an Easter tree on Ash Wednesday to display throughout lent, leaving it up through Easter weekend. Use any white, purple or light pink Christmas ornaments that you have and fill in with round and oval pastel pieces in other shades, such as light green, baby blue and soft yellow.

Watch the after Christmas sales in stores that carry Victorian themed holiday decorations and you may be able to find super prices on the very pastel colored ornaments that you need to implement this idea. You may also be able to find great pricing on lamb ornaments and Baby Jesus from nativity sets that will be just as appropriate for Easter as for Christmas.

3. Patriotic Theme Trees

Memorial Day and Independence Day are the major holidays observed in the U.S. during the summer months. Why not outfit your home with a red, white and blue holiday tree for this occasion? Add a few dark or bright blue ornaments to your holiday ornament collection to mix in with red and white ornaments that you already have and you’ll have everything you need to mark these important days of memory with a beautiful themed tree.

You may even be able to find bargain prices on patriotic themed ornaments that feature a stars and stripes theme immediately after the Christmas season.

What Ideas Do You Have?

Can you think of other special occasion themes that will allow you to repurpose your Christmas tree and some of your holiday decorations to outfit your home in style all year? Please share your ideas and suggestions in the comments section below!


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  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

    Great ideas for year round uses. Voted up, marked useful and beautiful.

  • gr82bme profile image

    gr82bme 7 years ago from USA

    you are so clever. Did I spell that right? LOL

    My daughter-in-law has a small tree up all year round

    I love your hubs so happy I found you

  • Alternative Prime profile image

    Alternative Prime 7 years ago from > California

    Hi mgwhite,

    A hub to really get you thinking about some unique ideas. I'll bet most people have never even thought about some of your suggestions.

    Excellent Hub containing very useful info...

    Alternative Prime

  • Diffugere_nives profile image

    Diffugere_nives 7 years ago

    Hi love the idea of keeping the tree up! I recycle decorations that I don't think will make it much longer by using them in the garden or at the allotment. The decorations look beautiful and create a great talking point. They also do a wonderful job keeping the birds off of the vegetables! :-)