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What is The Month Of Aprilis ? The Opening Month

Updated on April 6, 2015

April Fool's Day


The Month Of April

APRILIS is what the Romans called the month of April.

It is a Latin word that means to open.Lots of things happen in April, In the northern part of the world, April brings more changes than any other month. This is the time the ice and snow disappear. The grass is turning green. The trees, shrubs and flowers began to bud and bloom.

The animals are out and about . The birds are busy building nests and chirping away.

April is the fourth month of the year, But in ancient Roman times, the year began in March, making April the second month of the year.

People living in England, a long time ago, named this month for their goddess of Spring. This month was called Ostre-monath or Eostur-monath named after Ostra or Eostre. The Christian festival of Easter most likely got its name from this goddess.

Early Spring Rain


What's Happening In April ?

April starts off the month with:

April Fool's Day...A custom of playing harmless tricks on April 1st.

The birthday of Buddha on April 8th..The title people have given to the founder of Buddhism..The title Buddha means "Wise One" or " Enlightened One."

Patriot's Day... The midnight ride of Paul Revere is staged every year in Massachusetts on the third Monday in April. It's Patriots' Day, the anniversary of the start of the Revolutionary War in America.

Arbor Day...Arbor is another word for tree. On Arbor Day many people plant a tree.

April Showers

"March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers".

A very common term in English speaking countries is : April Showers Bring May Flowers.

In early spring rains in some parts of the northern hemisphere, during the month of April is caused by the jet streams, as they move upwards, bringing in heavy winds and rain, causing heavy downpours.

Happy Birthday April


Harlequin Super Romance

April Birthdays

Some famous people born in April..

  • April 1 st. ( 1578) William Harvey ( was an English doctor who found out how blood travels through the body.
  • April 2nd Hans Christian Anderson (1805) Danish writer of Fairy tales.
  • April 3rd (1783) Washington Irving An American author, who wrote, Rip Van Winkle and The legend of Sleepy Hollow.
  • April 4th (1802) Dorothea Dix, An American who worked to help the mentally ill and to improve prisons.
  • April 5th ( 1856 ) Booker T. Washington, An American black leader and educator.
  • April 6th ( 1892 ) Lowell Thomas An American radio and television reporter.
  • April 7th ( 1770) William Wordsworth, An English poet.
  • April 8th ( 1893 ) Mary Pickford, A Canadian born actress known as " America's Sweetheart".
  • April 9th ( 1865 ) Charles Steinmetz, A German- born electrical engineer.
  • April 10th ( 1829 ) William Booth, English founder of the Salvation Army.
  • April 11th (1899 ) Percy Julian, An American research chemist.
  • April 12th (1777 ) Henry Clay, An American statesman.
  • April 13th ( 1743 ) Thomas Jefferson, The 3rd President of the United States.
  • April 14th (1866 ) Anne Sullivan, An American teacher of Helen Keller; A writer and a champion of the blind.
  • April 15th (1452 ) Leonardo Da Vinci, An Italian painter, sculptor, and a scientist.
  • April 16th ( 1867 ) Wilbur Wright, An American that along with his brother Orville, invented the airplane.
  • April 17th ( 1837 ) J.P. Morgan, An American banker.
  • April 18th ( 1882 ) Leopold Stokowski, An English born orchestra conductor.
  • April 19th ( 1902 )Jean Lee Latham, An American author of Children's books.
  • April 20th (1893 ) Joan Miro, A Spanish painter.
  • April 21st (1926 ) Elizabeth II, Queen of Great Britain.
  • April 22nd (1451 ) Isabella I, Spanish Queen who helped Christopher Columbus
  • April 23rd ( 1791) James Buchanan, 15th President of the United States
  • April 24th ( 1942) Barbara Streisand An American singer and actress.
  • April 25th (1918 ) Ella Fitzgerald, An American jazz singer.
  • April 26th ( 1785 ) John James Audubon, An American naturalist and painter.
  • April 27th ( 1822 ) Ulysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States.

( 1927 ) Coretta Scott king, An American civil rights leader and wife of Martin Luther King.

  • April 28th (1758 ) James Monroe, 5th President of the United States.
  • April 29th ( 1901 ) Hirohito Emperor of Japan.
  • April 30th ( 1909 ) Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands from 1948 until 1980.

Symbols Of The Month Of April

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The Symbols Of The Month

The symbols for the month of April are..

Birthstone.. Is the diamond, one of the best known and most sought after gemstones.

Flower...Is the Daisy or The Sweet Pea

Birth Sign Aries ( until April 19th ) and Taurus (April 20th onward ).

April Showers- With Judy Garland

APRILIS is what the Romans called the month of April.

It is a Latin word that means to open.Lots of things happen in April, In the northern part of the world, April brings more changes than any other month.


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