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Best Father’s Day Gifts 2016. Top Gift Ideas Your Dad Will Love

Updated on March 4, 2016

Ready for some Father’s Day gift ideas for 2016?

Buying the perfect Father’s Day gift can be trickier, compared to a Mother’s Day gift. For a mother it’s easier, even for those how lack inspiration.

But for a father it seems more difficult. Mothers are more talkative than fathers. They say what they like, what they see in stores, they can spend half an hour talking about the gift her friend or neighbor had received. When it comes to buying a gift for your mother things are simpler. But when it comes to a gift idea for dad, things get complicated.

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Whether it's his birthday or Father’s Day, each year you think for hours what he would like to receive or what he needs.

My father’s birthday was March 16. For me it’s more difficult to find a gift, because my uncle’s birthday is also March 16. They are not twins. They were born on the same day, seven years apart. Buying a perfect gift for a man it’s difficult. So, imagine that buying two great gifts needs intense work. I love my uncle so much and I always buy a gift for him too, on Father's Day.

Father’s Day is almost here. And I don’t want to get caught without a Father’s Day gift idea.

Is your Father's Day gift ready?
Is your Father's Day gift ready? | Source


If you have a classic dad, or a fun dad, a book reader or a grill lover, a single dad or a new dad, this hub will help you make up your mind. These are the Father's Day gifts that will help you celebrate the great man you know your dad is!

1. The ultimate grill accessory

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron - Ultimate Camo Grilling Beer Belt Pockets Tools

If your dad loves to grill and is a funny guy, then, this Grill Sergeant is what you need. And obviously, the gift comes with a nickname: Sergeant:)

It’s a unique camouflage grilling apron and it can hold everything a real man could want or need for an afternoon of fun: 6 beverage cans or bottles, comes with a built in can opener, and more pockets then he could ever need. Made from 100-Percent cotton, one size fits all, fully adjustable length.

2. A barbecue Tool Set

The Mr. Bar-B-Q, Inc. 94134X 20-Piece Tool Set

If you think your dad is not the type to wear an apron, then you can buy him a barbecue tool set. It's the best choice for a classic dad who loves to grill.

This Father's Day gift idea is a 20 piece tool set. These Chefmate tools have wooden handles that add a rustic edge to the stainless steel. Your dad will get the most from the entire grilling experience. The set has its own box, easy to store and your dad's life will get a whole lot easier during barbecue time.

3. For an active dad

Stainless steel Espresso Maker

Let's say you have an active father, who wakes up in the morning for work. Or he is just a coffee lover. Then, an espresso maker is a perfect gift. It is elegant and extremely useful. Your dad will be impressed by your attention.

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker is an eye-catching new single-cup machine that combines a super-compact silhouette, with superb espresso-making abilities. This stylish little dynamo will ad impact to your dad's kitchen with its sleek, urban design and bold color. Easy to use, it’s the ideal size for small kitchens, apartments and offices. It's a wonderful Father's Day gift!

4. The book lover

Most fathers appreciate more a printed book, rather than an e-book. If your dad is a book lover, then you can buy a few titles by his favorite author (or his favorite topic), to complete his collection. He will surely appreciate the fact that you know his literary preferences and that you bought him a gift according to his age and habits, not to yours.

5. Poker gifts for dad

This Father's Day consider getting your dad a poker themed gift, especially if he loves to play a few rounds of cards. Maybe you don't have the money to send him to Las Vegas, but you can make him feel like he's in a casino, with a poker table.

This 48 inch diameter table top includes 8 cup holders and a padded rail and it's the perfect gift for your dad and his group of friend.

For those of you with smaller budgets, here are some lower cost gifts to compliment your dad's poker interest:

6 & 7. Organised and comfy

For a classic dad, a leather wallet, or a good pair of cotton pajamas are perfect gifts idea.

A cotton pajama is a great Father's Day gift. It's practical, comfy and you can't fail with this gift.

Wallets get a lot of use, they wear out often, and even if you gave him one for Christmas, two years ago, you can buy one right now. Wallets are a stylish and practical gift for men. You have to focus on the quality and style. A leather wallet, with an extra small coin pouch for dimes and nickels, in brown or black, is perfect. Don't forget to give this wallet with a coin inside, for good luck.

8. Simple and practical dad

Some dad's are not big fans of technology. They use the same old heavy mobile phone, they don't understand why a phone has a camera, Internet, e-mail, MMS, organiser, maps, audio/video player/editor and so one.

If your dad loves simple and practical things, then, the perfect Father's Day gift is a universal, oversize remote control. He can easily find the volume button, even in the dark.

9. The gourmet dad

If your dad considers himself a gourmand here is a delicious Father's Day gift ideas: A food gift basket. Your dad will love this one:

  • Double Chocolate Mocha Truffles
  • Rosemary Herb Baguette Breadsticks
  • Parmesan Focaccia Crisps
  • Herb Salami (Butcher wrapped paper)
  • Pistachios in a Gift Sachet
  • Pimento Stuffed Olives
  • Sonoma Cheese swirls
  • Wooden Cutting Board
  • Parmesan Focaccia Bites
  • Vintage aged cheese spread in a tin
  • Salmon Pate Spread
  • Jazzy Butter Toffee Pretzels
  • Grained gourmet spicy brown mustard
  • Gourmet honey wheat pretzel rods
  • Burgundy Wicker Tray

10. The elegant dad

Even if it's a small gift, a silk hankie pocket (or a men's pocket square) will surely be appreciated. The models are so diverse that, you will definitely find one that fits your father.

It's a fashion accessory, but something different than a tie or a belt. A great Father's Day gift!

Share your feelings with your dad on Father's Day
Share your feelings with your dad on Father's Day | Source

Can you share other Father's Day gift ideas?

Do you have problems in finding a great Father's Day gift?

See results

Happy Father's Day!


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    • profile image

      10getgoing 4 years ago

      Good call on the regular book vs ebook! I have a Kindle but I still find myself at garage sales picking up books to dive into. There's something about the weight of a book in your hands that you miss with e-readers.

      I feel like you did leave out some of the cool tech stuff that dad's could love, like a Nest or Roku. I did talk a little bit about them (and more suggestions) on my site here:

      Any suggestions as to good books for Dad? I said Inferno by Dan Brown was a good buy since it's new and by a known author, but I'm sure there's a lot more Dad would love.

    • profile image

      Mariya 4 years ago

      Great ideas. i am always interested to celebrate fathers day, my father in -low love to read books so your ideas help me a lot ,thanks for sharing .........well done!! I may use few ideas for my fathers day 2013 blog for my Dad which is plz suggest

    • profile image

      mariya 4 years ago

      Great ideas. i am always interested to celebrate fathers day, my father in -low love to read books so your ideas help me a lot ,thanks for sharing .........well done!!

    • Babytech profile image

      Babytech 4 years ago

      ishwaryaa22 and peachpurple thank you so much for your feedback!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      great gift ideas. My dad would love to have a recipe book and health magazine. He loves to read. He could read the same daily newspaper 4 times a day, repeatedly! I think i would drop by the magazine stores and get those books before i forgot. Thanks for the reminder. Voted up

    • ishwaryaa22 profile image

      Ishwaryaa Dhandapani 4 years ago from Chennai, India

      Welcome to HubPages! This hub of yours is well-written and filled with wonderful ideas. Your gift suggestions are indeed engaging. Well-done!

      Thanks for SHARING. Useful & Interesting. Voted up & shared

    • Babytech profile image

      Babytech 4 years ago

      Hey! Thank you for your comment! My dad is a book lover too:) my grandpa has the remote, the uncle is comfy one, but my father-in-law is the elegant one. They where my inspiration

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      These are nice ideas Babytech. My father loves books, and my father-in-law has the oversized remote control, which I think is a great idea, by the way. Thank you for sharing your advice.