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How To Buy The Best Baby Stroller | REVIEW & VIDEO

Updated on May 11, 2013

I’m a new mom. The search for the best baby stroller began several months before the birth of my son, Luca. Until last year I didn't know a thing about baby strollers. So, I read all about them. I have seen dozens of videos on Youtube. We didn't have a big budget, but I considered that a good stroller is a good investment.

SUV - strollers vs umbrella strollers

At first, I had a crush for those big strollers, the SUV-like and all terrain baby strollers. They looked so good on the Internet. They seemed the perfect choice. However, when I tested them in stores I realized how difficult it was to deal with them. They were larger and heavier. And din't fold up compactly, they were difficult to store and travel with.

This type was not the best baby stroller for ME.

So, I returned to the umbrella strollers. I discovered how easy to fold they are, wow easy is to steer an umbrella stroller and, the most important, how easy is to travel with. YES! This was the best perfect baby stroller for ME.

I had two options

Inglesina Zippy and Peg Perego Pliko P3. Both Italian brands, very similar in features and price.

I bought the Inglesina Zippy stroller, because I have talked to several moms who had the stroller and all had only good things to say about this Inglesina.

And they were right. It's stylish, practical and versatile. I can say that it's the best baby stroller.

I love almost everything about my Inglesina stroller

  • I have used it since Luca was one month. I've used the bassinet for the first five moths.(The bassinet it is sold separately). And Luca was born in November, so the bassinet was much better for the winter months.

  • The stroller has 4-position reclining backrest, including a deep recline, but not flat. That’s a small minus.

  • It's a safe and comfortable stroller for the baby – it has a five point harness

  • The stroller has a great stability, even with a few bags hanging from the handles. It doesn't tip easily.

  • It’s light – with an aluminum chassis. It'a a great feature for an active mom

  • It’s durable – high quality materials, good design, great details

  • Very easy to steer into tight spaces, in the elevator, or in stores, even with one hand. It really pushes like a dream

  • The seat is reversible and can be mounted either facing you or facing the street. It is a plus, because you can keep your baby safe from the sun or wind.

  • Wheels with suspension – for long walks in the park or in the neighborhood. The front wheels swivel

  • The Inglesina Zippy stroller has an easy folding and unfolding system. And even with one hand. I can hold my baby boy in one hand and with the other I can easily fold the stroller. Plus, Once tight, he stands straight.

  • The stroller it’s easy to store. It can be stored standing up. It fits in any car trunk of the car. I have an small Opel and it's just fine. I think that

  • With a full coverage canopy, it offers an excellent sun or rain protection. Hood flap to provide extra sun protection

  • One-touch foot brakes

  • Cup holder as standard

  • Rain Cover included

  • Large storage basket coordinated with the stroller fabric color

Dimensions when open: 42″ H x 21″ W x 35.5″ D
Dimensions when closed: 40″ H x 13″ W x 17″ D
Weight without canopy: 20.7 lbs
Weight with canopy: 22.4 lbs

I’m not thrilled with the two handles. Even if they can be height-adjusted and you can rotate them, it’s exhausting to steer the stroller with only one hand.

It wasn’t a cheap stroller. But I don’t regret paying almost 400$. An expensive stroller is worth the money? Yes, because i’m going to use it daily for the next few years. And I’m confident that my next child is going to ride the same stroller. So, I really thing I made the best choice.

Now, each one of us has his own style, its own budget and expectations. I think it's a middle-class baby stroller. Not very cheap, not very expensive, but it does its job well and, most importantly, it is a lot of quality and finesse in details.

And, equally important, because our home is small, the stroller does not occupy much space. I never imagine that my baby's things can occupy so much space.

The Inglesina Zippy is the best baby stroller for me, for my lifestyle and for my baby.


The Inglesina Zippy Bassinet is very beautiful. Luca, was born in November, so the bassinet offered protection on those winter days. I used the bassinet even in the house, the first few months.

A few days ago I gave up the bassinet and we no longer use it, not even in the house.

I still have nostalgia for the bassinet (yes, my baby is growing), but I love my stroller even more. It's even easier to steer. With the bassinet he had about 12.6 kilos, now it has 10.6. Now, the fact that it doesn't have a full recline is perfect for a 5 months old baby.

And if it had not been for the cold weather, I would have dropped the bassinet since last month.

Well, that's the story of the best baby stroller for my son.

How much did you spend on your stroller?

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About the Inglesina Zippy


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    • medcatdo profile image

      medcatdo 4 years ago from Agadir, Morocco

      It is an excellent asset in a world loaded with an excessive amount of information, and a lot of things on our to-do lists

    • Babytech profile image

      Babytech 4 years ago

      hank you for your comment! It means a lot! :)

    • easylearningweb profile image

      Amelia Griggs 4 years ago

      Good product review for parents. :-) You're off to a great start!

      Welcome to Hubpages and good luck to you with your writing.


      Team Welcome Wagon