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The best soft structured baby carrier for a busy mom | REVIEW & VIDEO

Updated on May 16, 2013

A baby carrier should be on the list of baby essentials. Even for moms who love to walk their babies with the strollers. I admit that I have a passion for my Inglesina Zippy stroller - and you can read in my hub "The Best Stroller For My Baby". But there are times when my soft structured carrier is my best friend, sometimes the only friend who can give me a helping hand with my child.

My son, Luca, is already too heavy to carry in my arms. At the same time, I have small things to do around the house and quick errands too. And without my baby carrier it would be difficult.

I think I chose a perfect soft structured carrier that suits my needs: easier to put, it's safe for the baby; it ensures a healthy position and does not affect the spine. In addition, it’s from organic fabric!

My favorite soft structured carrier

The soft structured carrier Marsupi Plus
The soft structured carrier Marsupi Plus | Source


  • It secures the position of the legs in an M shape
  • It's simple and easy to assemble
  • Flexible and safe, with a Velcro grip
  • It is available in different sizes: S/M for a waist 65-90 cm and a height of up to 1.80, and maximum is XXL, for a waist size of 95-130 cm.
  • It can be worn in front, back, or on the hip
  • It provides a perfect support for the baby
  • It offers great freedom of movement and free hands. It’s so nice to have my hands free:)
  • It’s a very compact baby carrier, easy to adjust, easy to transport. The Marsupi Plus baby carrier comes in a practical bag for transport and storage.

A practical baby carrier

I'm not one of the mums who enjoy big scarves. So I chose the Marsupi Plus soft structured carrier. Just like in a baby carrier sling, the baby is glued to me without other material between us. Baby's back is well supported and the shoulder straps hold him close to my body.

At first I was tempted to buy the Manduca soft structured carrier. However, it was three times more expensive, almost 120 dollars. So I chose the simpler and cheaper baby carrier, for 40 dollars! I used the Marsupi baby carrier since my baby was 2 months. Manufacturers say that it’s OK to use it if the baby has more than 3.5 kilos, because it has a support for the head. This support is also used when the baby sleeps, so that it protects the head.

What is even more awesome to Marsupi Plus is the fact that the entire child's weight is distributed on the shoulders, waist and back. For me it was important to buy a carrier that was OK for me to use - I have 50 kilos and 1.60 m - and my baby has 8 kilograms (five months).

This year I’m going to use the Marsupi Plus, until my son will weigh 12 kilograms (that’s the maximum weight). Afterwards I'll decide whether to choose the Manduca soft structured carrier or the Ergo baby carrier.

One thing I do not like. In order to ensure an optimal safety of the baby, the two shoulder straps are long. And if it rained outside you need to be careful that when you put the baby carrier, not to give the shoulder straps through the mud.

Before you buy a soft structured carrier, or other type of baby carrier

  • The baby carrier should support the baby’s head
  • Be careful not to cut off their airflow
  • Pay attention to their feet. Don’t let their legs droop down. Doctors recommend the M shape of the legs – to prevent the hip dysplasia.
  • Before you buy one, try several on, preferrably with a baby inside. And ask other parents for their advice


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    • profile image

      Amelia 3 years ago

      Awesome you should think of somhneitg like that

    • profile image

      Burhan 3 years ago

      On the double sotrllers, I recommend the front/back stroller because it's easier to manuever in malls/stores. However, if you do a lot of walking/hiking the side by side jogging stroller is much easier to push.My favorite carrier is the mayawrap ( sling. You can use it the day you bring the baby home all the way up to toddler's. In fact, I still use it occasionally on Kara (two-and a half) as a restraint to keep her from running off. It's the most versatile of all of the slings I've seen, and it's pretty comfortable. It's also great for nursing (if you have to nurse in public) because you can cover up completely with it. Hope this helps. By the way, when is your due date? It sounds like we are due about the same time.