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Best Places to Get Free E-cards

Updated on May 13, 2012

So many people keep in contact with family through the net. When was the last time you wrote a card to check how family was doing? Now, what about an e-mail, or Facebook message? Regular greeting cards can cost you upwards of $6 and that's for a basic one! Show the loved ones in your life that you do care about Mother's day, their birthday, the birth of a child or just that they aren't doing so great and don't spend a dime! E-cards have been out for years and now, you can even design them yourselves (if you are a little creative) or just grab a pre-made one and add a little note for the recipient. Here is a list of the best places to get FREE E-cards on the web.

  1. I love e-greetings because it has a good variety that can also be given through Facebook. They have cards for almost any kind of holiday and in almost any tone (serious,funny,sappy, etc.).
  2. while I believe you have to join this website, the e-cards are free. I love this website because they also support good causes and help people to get involved in them.
  3. I love this site because even though the cards aren't animated, they have a wonderful selection. While a lot of the cards are christian in nature, there are plenty of them that have no religious tones.
  4. While the art itself isn't amazing, they have a good selection of e-cards. It's worth checking out, don't get put off by the look of the website.
  5. Although it's a little new-age, you can personalize the cards and they really have a lot of beautiful ones by different artists.

Try them all and find what you really want. If you are going to be sending out e-cards all year long and really want to wow people, don't be afraid to go to websites with small subscriptions or at least free trials, they tend to have better selections.


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