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Top Realtor Gifts: Ideas for How to Thank Your Real Estate Agent

Updated on January 10, 2012
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For Chris, choosing gifts is like writing a story: By matching the character to the gift, you learn more about people and what they value.

If You Are a Realtor...

If you are a real estate agent looking to buy a gift for a client, see creative closing gift ideas.

New homeowners can be so stressed about closing on a house or condo that they forget it's a common courtesy to give their real estate agent a nice appreciation gift. A thank-you present is especially appropriate if he or she went out of their way to do a top job. Find ideas for the best realtor gifts, such as gift baskets and real-estate-themed figurines, and buy one that's a perfect match for a top-notch realtor deserving of your thanks.

Top Realtor Gift: Baskets Filled with Gourmet & Luxury Goodies

Gift baskets are very appropriate to give to realtors, both male and female, in thanks for giving their all to help you find and close on your new house.

The Thanks a Million Gift Basket has a green theme - money green, that is - and is the perfect gift for a hungry on-the-go real estate agent. The gift tote is bursting with sweet gourmet treats that your agent and her or his entire office can enjoy.

Good real estate agents are on call most days, even at times during their vacations.  Thank your agent for his or her availability and readiness to show you properties with a bow to their need for a break - thus a spa gift basket or a sports or recreation-themed gift basket.

Thank You Realtor Gift Baskets - from Client to Real Estate Agent

These gift baskets are mostly gender-neutral, but if the realtor is a man, you might want to try the Gentlemans Cigar Chest Gourmet Gift Basket. And either a male or female golfer will love the Gone Golfing gift tote.

Inexpensive Gifts for Professional Real Estate Agents

There may not be a lot of money left over after buying a new home!  A pen with a realtor emblem is an affordable realtor gift that will be treasured as though it were far more expensive.

And for another great idea, get your real estate agent a pretty metal notepad, or two or three, especially if she's in the habit, as many agents are, of taking notes by hand around her clients.

Cheap Realtor Gifts That Don't Look Cheap

Funny Realtor Gift for an Agent

Buy your realtor this ceramic 16-oz travel mug with a plastic lid and a humorous saying on the side. The mug will delight your real estate agent, who'll likely end up carting it around everywhere in her on-the-go life.

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