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Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Updated on July 4, 2013

Pacman Heat Changing Mug

The Birthday Box

The Birthday Box.

I have a secret box under the stairs which has a huge bundle of birthday cards for all ages, lots of wrapping and tissue paper and a whole heap of stuff for suddenly remembered birthdays. Hastily bought end-of-range sale bargains, and other money-off specials that were too good to resist, all bundled into the birthday box.

There always seems to be something going on, even if it isn't a birthday or Christmas, children love a reason to celebrate, Easter, Hallowe'en, Bonfire Night, Valentines Day. In the summer, they like to have their friends around and arrange treasure trails in the garden - it works well when there are a range of ages as the older children like to hide the treasure and set the clues for the younger ones to follow. It takes a while to prepare and then the actual hunt needs to be done, so it is a good full day's fun for little cost.

If you want to find some bargains, shop online for some great gift ideas. They don't need to be expensive, the novelty value will often bring more delight than the cost. I just found some fantastic heat changing mugs with their favourite retro video games on such as Pacman and Tetris. You just pour in the water and the game appears. OK, so maybe it's not that exciting, but it is pretty cool and has good novelty value as well as being practical.

For teenagers, they all love Facebook and you can get some great Facebook novelty gifts, including T shirts, mugs, bags , stickers and much more. They also like to have their mobiles, iPods, iPhones, iPads, mp3s, mp4s, headphones, Nintendo DSs, etc and these can be expensive. Why not give them a stylish carrying case so that they won't damage or lose it or a related accessory?

Teenage girls like to give each other small items of jewellery or makeup or small bags or purses. These make great stocking fillers at Christmas. Why not make your own Christmas crackers and put more special presents inside?

Watches always make a great present, whether it's a sophisticated jewellery piece, or a neon-coloured funky look, it's a gift that's useful as well as stylish. You always want them to be on time; now there's no excuse!

Buying gifts for boys usually involves some sort of computer game, which can be expensive, but there are bargains to be found. Buying accessories for their gaming is also a good way of getting something that they will appreciate, without it costing too much. Even memory cards or USB sticks or headphones might seem a bit dull, but are essential things for them to get the most out of their gadgets.

For boys, keyrings, torches and wallets are useful as they start to become more independent.

Small fashion accessories can become the latest must-haves with teenagers. My girls are all loving the latest craze for odd-socks and the local gift shop even sells socks, not in pairs, but in threes, so you can get more combinations of odd socks. For the entrepreneurs out there, why not buy socks in bulk, mix and match them, get yourself a domain and a website and brand some cheap boxes and sell pick and mix socks!

Pick and mix retro sweets are also very popular with teenagers and adults. Great gift ideas, and again, for those of you with business flair, think how much mark up you can make by buying the sweets and candies in bulk, boxing them up in funky styles in tins, boxes, jars, takeaway cartons, do a great zappy design website and give your boxes trendy names, great for those people who you might want to send a gift or a quick pick-me-up, but a bunch of flowers just isn't right.

So you could just buy a few gifts, or set this up as a whole giftshop business!

Stylish boxes and wrappings can make cheap gifts look more expensive
Stylish boxes and wrappings can make cheap gifts look more expensive | Source


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