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Buy Royal Worcester souvenirs for William and Kate's Royal Wedding.

Updated on August 21, 2011

Have a look at Royal Worcester

With just over a month to go (at the time of writing) there is an increasing choice in the souvenirs available for the Royal Wedding. (In case you have forgotten it is on April 29th 2011!) are selling some Royal Worcester commemorative items.

A brief History of Royal Worcester

Royal Worcester was founded as a Worcester China factory by a Dr Wall in 1751. The original Worcester company was awarded the "Royal Warrant " in 1789, which entitled them to display that the manufactured for their majesties. Three separate manufacturers courted Royal attention  for the next ninety years, manufacturing for notables, such as the Coronation Service for William IV in 1830 and Admiral Nelson and Lady Hamilton who called in the factory in 1802 and bought a dinner service.  In 1840, the three companies merged and in 1862 became "Royal Worcester". The company has a long history, predating the founding of the British Museum  and seeing events from the accession to the throne of George III, to the Boston T ea Party and the American Declaration of Independence.  In modern years production has moved from its English base in Worcester and in 2009 the company was bought out by Portmeirion.

Products available

There are a number of very stylish products available to celebrate the Royal Wedding, from Royal Worcester.


If you like having an elegant cup for your tea, there is a beautiful 5oz cup with matching saucer. This bone china cup is finished in 22 carat gold and comes gift boxed if you need to give it as a present.


If you have space on your wall or in a china cabinet there is a beautiful bone china display plate which measures 8.25 inches and again is finished in 22 carat gold , with the added attraction of the gift box. If you rotate your display of plates, gift boxes are always useful to store the plate in whilst it is not on display.


If you are a coffee drinker there is a lovely 110z coffee mug which has one handle and the gold plate and gift box.


This could be considered an investment purchase as it is a limited edition and each cup comes with a certificate of authenticity. This is a beautiful piece with 22 carat gold finish and that lovely portrait of the royal couple.


This is actually a smaller version of the plate, measuring 4.9" but still having the same quality finish as the other pieces.


These commemorative china pieces are stylish and of good quality. If cared for they will last  for many years and will be a family heirloom in years to come.


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