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CHRISTMAS LIGHTS-How To Make Dancing Christmas Lights And Decorate Your Home With These Colorful Festive Lights

Updated on December 5, 2012


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Christmas is one season when Christmas Lights sparkle brightening every doorstep, window, street, tree, gate, roof, lighting up the cold winter landscape. Come December, every home, gets a fresh coat of paint and decorations begin. Some households begin preparations for decorating their homes as early as November. Colorful lights are strung to various shapes and ornamental Christmas designs in traditional Christmas colors-red, white and green. Blue, gold and silver also find place among the decorations. Newer designs and newer varieties of decorations are in demand each year. LED Christmas Lights are in vogue. All colors of the rainbow are available among indoor and outdoor LED Christmas Lights with blue being a particular favorite as it casts a soft, icy blue glow.

LED or light emitting diode is the preferred string of lights this Christmas for 2 reasons.

1. LED use less than 10% of the electricity consumed by the regular filament bulbs. This alone can save you up to 95 % on your electricity bills. Hence LED lights are environmentally friendly too.

2. LED lights are also cooler than traditional lights making them the preferred choice for decorating artificial or real Christmas trees. Being hung close to ornamental Christmas tree ornaments is nothing to worry about.

Indoor Christmas Lights and Outdoor Christmas Lights both at once welcome you bringing you holiday cheer and the spirit of the Christmas season. You can choose to decorate the trees in your garden, the bushes, the rooftop, your front and back doors, your windows, your porch, your driveway. Indoors you can decorate your Christmas tree,dress up your walls, your windows, your stairs, mantelpiece, the list is endless. The living room gets the maximum Christmas look complete with tree and lights.

Whether indoors or outdoors, these LED Christmas lights offers you a steady, soothing glow or the twinkle and blink resembling the twinkling stars. Using the outdoor LED lights casts a steady, mystical glow over your home and yard. The simple white LED lights cast an ethereal, icy glow wherever hung. Colored LED lights, on the other hand glow with a neon-like quality.

How To Make Dancing Christmas Lights And Set Them To Music

Every Christmas we see strings of Christmas lights strung up in different shapes and sizes, but making it dance to holiday music can be good fun for onlookers as well as those who create it. A light display that is synchronized to a musical track characterizes music-controlled Christmas lights. It is often computer-controlled and the music may be played on speakers or broadcast on a short-range FM channel. Coordinated to the music, different sections of colored lights flash on and off, making it look like the lights are dancing to the music. Multiple songs can be included in a display, each with its own choreographed show.

Any string of indoor or outdoor Christmas Lights can be set to your choice of music and the result will be the Dancing Christmas Lights. You are encouraged to view the youtube videos embedded in this hub to get an idea. To make simple dancing Christmas Lights, all you have to do is replace a steady bulb in your string with the blinking bulb, included with your lights.

The video tutorials below give you the step-by-step guide to making your own dancing Christmas lights this holiday season.

Tutorial 1 : How To Set Christmas Lights To Your Favorite Music

Tutorial 2

If you think finding the right supplies and creating your own computer-controlled musical light display is cumbersome, has some great Christmas Light Controllers available for you to buy readymade. Complete with preloaded 20 holiday songs. You can choose the Indoor Lighting system or the Outdoor Lighting system. Below are the best ones.

Christmas Digital Musical Lights and Sounds-INDOOR

Christmas Digital Musical Lights and Sounds-INDOOR

Being compatible with mp3 player, it allows to synchronize your lights in rhythm to your favorite holiday music. It comes preloaded with 20 holiday favorites. What you need to do is simply connect your digital audio player(mp3) and plug in your lighted decorations to watch the colored lights flash to music. Meant for indoors, it has a fully adjustable volume control so as not to disturb your neighborhood.

Christmas Lights And Sounds-OUTDOOR

This all-in-one outdoor sound and light system synchronizes your yard lights with 20 holiday songs. Full volume control with options to choose your playlist order. Measuring approximately 19 inches high, it is totally encased for weather conditions, dirt and moisture.

Share Your Lighting Ideas For This Christmas

Christmas season finds several parents bundling their little ones into their cars and driving around showing them the glow and twinkle of Christmas Lights sparkling through the trees and reflecting off the snow. Dazzling displays of reindeer and snowmen along with brightly decorated and lighted trees are seen in city parks that enthrall kids and adults alike.

This Christmas, are you going to just watch other displays or are you going to create some colorful, twinkling displays of your own. Share in the comments below. You might like to visit the CHRISTMAS LIGHTS STORE embedded below.


Do You Decorate Your Home Differently Each Christmas ?

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