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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with Green Food

Updated on May 24, 2011

Are you looking for a way to create a memorable Saint Patrick's Day this year? Why not make a point of preparing and serving green food? Whether you're throwing a party or simply preparing a meal at home for your family, get into the spirit of the day and welcome the luck of the Irish into your home by incorporating a Saint Patrick's Day theme into your menu for the day.

Fun Green Food Ideas

Beef and Cabbage Dish – If you're looking for a traditional Saint Patrick's Day main course, consider serving a main dish of corned beef and cabbage. If you want to serve something similar, yet somewhat unique, consider preparing the Ground Beef and Cabbage dish you'll find in this Beef and Cabbage recipe hub.

Coleslaw – If you're looking for a green side dish that's easy to prepare ahead of time, consider making batch of homemade coleslaw. This tasty salad is quite simple to make and is something that just about everyone will enjoy eating. Visit this hub for two recipes for delicious coleslaw.

Green Pepper Jelly – If you're looking for something green and spicy for your Saint Patrick's Day party, consider serving green pepper jelly to your guests. The most convenient (and tasty!) way to serve this sweet and spicy treat is by spooning a generous portion of green pepper jelly over an 8 ounce block of softened cream cheese. Serve with Townhouse crackers or Triscuits.

Green Tortillas – Flour tortillas are available in many different varieties. Instead of purchasing plain white tortillas, when you're preparing for Saint Patrick's Day dining, opt for green spinach flavored tortillas. Use them as to make quesadillas, for wrap sandwiches, or to prepare your favorite tortilla rollup recipe. Visit this hub to find simple instructions for making delicious tortilla rollup treats.

Key Lime Pie – If you're looking for a green dessert that everyone is likely to love, you can't go wrong with a key lime pie. You can purchase a ready-made pie from your grocer's freezer or from your favorite bakery. If you're feeling adventurous, try your hand at making your own key lime pie. There are many different recipes for this wonderful dessert. Visit, where you'll find several recipes for this tasty treat, including Emeril Lagasse's and Paula Deen's recipes.

Lime Sherbet -- If you'd like to serve a simple green dessert that you can purchase ready to serve, consider providing your guests or family members with a dish of lime sherbet for dessert.

Spinach Dip – No party is complete without a delicious homemade spinach dip! Prepare the tasty warm spinach dip recipe that you can learn how to make from this hub and serve it with sturdy crackers, Melba toast, or corn chips.

Ideas to Share?

Do you have any ideas for green foods that are suitable for serving on Saint Patrick's Day? Feel free to share your tips and suggestions in the comments section below!


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