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Children's Bakugan Halloween Costumes: Amazing Kid Sized Dan, Shun, And Dragonoid Outfits

Updated on February 24, 2011

As one of Cartoon Network's hottest anime properties, Bakugan has prompted loads of interest in young fans looking for Bakugan Halloween Costumes. For parents looking to buy their children Bakugan outfits, don't wait until late in October.  The sooner you purchase the costume, the better.  Waiting only significantly increases the chance that it will be sold out when you finally get around to making the purchase.  Early ordering also helps insure that retailers know how much to order from their supplier for later in the year, so even if it looks like it is sold out now your backorder will be back on the shelves and ready to be picked up before the Halloween deadline.

Here are a few helpful tips parents should follow when buying Bakugan costumes online. In most cases it is wise to purchase a size larger than your child usually wears.  It is always better for a costume to be too big rather than too small. Plus, it will leave room for your child to wear warm underclothes if the October night proves to be too chilly for just the costume.  Don't forget to look at some accessories that work well with the costumes.  We will list a number of great complimentary accessories in this buyer's guide, but don't be afraid to think outside the box. Most importantly: talk with your kid about what they want! They know best, after all.

Dan Bakugan Kids Costume
Dan Bakugan Kids Costume

Dan Bakugan Halloween Costume

This Dan kid's Halloween outfit will help your child really feel like this popular Bakugan character. This Dan Bakugan costume comes with an open vest, pants, and a belt that can really hold Bakugan toys!  Sizes come in child's Small, Medium, and Large.  Typically the Small sizes range around 4-6, medium 7-8 with large fitting children around size 8-10.

Consider buying a warm yellow undershirt to go along with this outfit.  It will help complete the image and make your little Battle Brawler comfortable in the cold night air.  Most any will do and can be bought at the same time off of Amazon for only a few dollars.

You'll also notice that the model for the costume has wild "anime" hair.  This isn't a wig!  Some mousse, gel, and hairspray can go a long way from turning a mundane haircut into a wild, spiky cartoon-do that really helps put a lucky trick-or-treater into their favorite character's shoes.

Some kids prefer to have their faces covered during Halloween.  Masquerade, is, after all an important part of the holiday.  This outfit is designed without a mask, but inexpensive cardboard cutout masks are available for kids looking to give their Dan from Bakugan Halloween costume a little extra punch.

Since this costume is designed to hold Bakugan spheres and cards, it might be a nice gift to buy one or two sets of these toys to complete the outfit.  Of course, your child probably has some already and may just want to use the ones he or she has!

Shun Bakugan Halloween Costume
Shun Bakugan Halloween Costume

Shun Bakugan Halloween Costume

What is Dan without his rival Shun?  This awesome kid's Shun Bakugan dress-up outfit has all the tools to set a kid's imagination alight. This tough, honorable brawler is a fan favorite and has a visually striking costume perfect for Halloween or just playing pretend around the home.  Sizes are ranged similarly to the Dan outfit Small (4-6) Medium (7-8) and Large (9-10).

The Bakugan Shun costume includes the violet vest, black pants, fingerless gloves, and other cool accessories. Once again, parents should consider picking up a warm blue-gray shirt for kids to wear underneath the vest to keep them warm without distracting from the outfit.

This outfit works great with the Dragonoid costume.  Siblings could go as monster and master for a fun Bakugan costume theme. Like with Dan, there are lots of cool Bakugan toys and accessories that fit right in with this outfit.

Dragonoid Bakugan Costume
Dragonoid Bakugan Costume

Dragonoid Bakugan Halloween Costume

Some kids might think playing as plain-old human being might be boring. Good news, though! The ferocious Dragonoid Bakugan monster is also available as a cool Halloween costume. This fully polyester costume is great for Bakugan fans who want a unique, imposing costume.

Once again, be sure to aim for a slightly larger size than your child usually wears. This is even more important for this outfit as it covers the entire body and it is very difficult to make adjustments to. A slightly too large outfit is much more comfortable for a child than a skin-tight costume that barely fits.

This is a deluxe costume and comes with a premium mask and is highly detailed.

The Bakugan Dragonoid Kid's Outfit is especially cool when paired with one of the other Bakugan characters. If you have two or more Bakugan fans in your home, consider teaming them so they can pretend to be their favorite cartoon characters together. It is a great bonding experience and their peers "in the know" will be suitably impressed.

Other Awesome Kid's Halloween Costumes

Searching for other premium Kid's Halloween Costumes? Check out some of these other great costume ideas for children. 

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Green Lantern

Super Mario Brothers


Ben 10


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