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Christmas Eve Party

Updated on November 4, 2015

Some ideas for things to do in Christmas Eve

In some countries it is traditional to celebrate Christmas Eve as well as Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Many families will decorate their tree on Christmas Eve together and have a big dinner, even open some presents, Some families and couples will go to Church for a Christmas advert Carol concert or candlelit mass. And some will have a quiet evening at home and a drink at midnight.

Heres some ideas on what to do on Christmas Eve.

Go to an early evening Carol Service

Go to midnight mass

Have dinner at home and champagne at 12.00pm

Open presents and watch a movie

Have a dinner with crackers, playing Christmas music

Call your friends and family to say Happy Christmas

Watch Christmas on TV

Wrap Presents

Christmas Eve Meal Ideas

Here are a few ideas in what food to serve on Christmas Eve.

You could have a sit down dinner or make a buffet.


Avocado and prawn with sauce

Lobster or crab salad

quiche with salad

garlic mushrooms

king prawns

mini samosas

Main Dishes

Chicken and Mushroom Pie with Peas, Carrots and Gravy

Roast Beef, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding

Chicken curry with rice and salad

Beef Strogonoff, rice and salad

Creamy fish pie topped with cheese

cauliflower cheese

brussel sprouts

fried potato and onion

mixed salad

vegetable rice


Chocolate Log and Mince Pies

Apple pie and Ice Cream

cheese and biscuits

creme caramel


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Watch full length Christmas movies, cartoons and Christmas carols

How to make Egg Nog

Checklist for Christmas Eve

Put up Christmas tree
Drink egg nog
Watch TV
Wrap presents
Drink mulled wine
Go to a Carol service or Carol singing
Decorate the table
Drink champagne
Go to midnight mass
Who are you with in Christmas Eve All the family Are you a couple Or alone What you do depends on who you're with Make Christmas Magical This Year Share It With Someone You Love

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